Meditation For Cultivating Joy

Take time out of your day to simply reconnect with yourself and cultivate a deep sense of joy with this simple and easy meditation.

Self nurturing and kindness towards ourselves is not something that comes easily to most human beings. Sometimes we find it easier to be harder on ourselves than to be compassionate. This meditation focuses on simply practising the art of being joyful simply by exercising our right to choose how we want to feel in any given moment. We forget that this is always possible. And by simply taking the time to feel what we want to the most – we are reminding ourselves that in any given moment we can behave the way we want to behave and become the person we want to be – simply by choosing.

Joy is the closest cousin of gratitude and love. Simply take time today to EN-joy some much needed connection time to yourself.

Find out more about Heidi:
Heidi is a senior mindfulness meditation and yoga teacher from Australia, residing in Bali Indonesia. Heidi has worked intensively as a coach, yoga teacher and mindfulness teacher in the mental health industry with over 10 000 hours experience helping people overcome depression, anxiety and stress and recreate a life worth living using the full yoga system as her base for her revolutionary approach to Life and Wellness Coaching.

Heidi is the creator of the Ladies Life School – powerful short courses for helping women find balance and peace in all life areas.

Heidi is also the creator of the Alive Process – an 8 step holistic process for drastically reducing stress naturally and helping people create a meaningful life in record time.

You can also find Heidi on Guru for Her. A personal development platform created by Heidi for women inspiring them to create real change in their daily lives bringing together the worlds most inspiration health and wellness gurus delivered on a platter each month for you to enjoy.

Connect with Heidi and find more free meditations, coaching sessions, yoga and more at her website…


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