Meditation: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Bodhin Kjolhede at TEDxFlourCity

Bodhin weaves metaphor and allegory together to explain the importance of meditation. He will deliver several tangible benefits of meditation that would go unrealized without personal experience.

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49 thoughts on “Meditation: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Bodhin Kjolhede at TEDxFlourCity

  1. For sure if you have the time to spend it on your own and meditate, your stress level will go down just by the fact that you are spending time to yourself without interruption, and I definitely envy that 🙂

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  3. not true for all meditations or explanations of reality. i.e., there are more explanations than the two he mentions so his alternative explanations are incomplete and his conclusions have value only if you believe that your thoughts at all levels have no value. specifically, i don't understand uniqueness' existence without identification with our thoughts. nor, is the physical dualistic world only a "nightmare". because others exist, e.g., i can see beauty in another and relate to beauty and appreciate other's uniqueness and find some of the thoughts within myself which enable me to get a different way to see the world. for me mediation opens me up to seeing value in everything, and that equates to total self acceptance without being judgmental.

  4. Check out this book "The Miracle Morning" A great combination of 7 habits in the morning that will transform your life and meditation is one of them. I found a very cheap price for the book on EBay

  5. I hope that the video has convinced you to meditate. Many of you may know how to meditate correctly. I urge you to download Insight Timer app. It is a community where people meditate. We help and support each other. I am grateful for the guided meditations. Rather than thinking if you should install it, Install it. It is the best app you can ever have. It is free and doesn't have any ads. Money was never a factor for the developers. Insight Timer — Download it. Dare: I dare you to meditate for 7 consecutive days. Bye 🙂

  6. So what is meditation anyway?

    It’s rest.

    Here’s why. When you do only one thing at a time, whether it is walking on the beach and thinking of seagulls, focusing on a doorknob or a mantra, or just non-judgmentally aware, or being in the moment, your postural muscles relax, and this is accompanied by the release of endogenous opioids, which provides a natural high. This is why relaxation feels good.

    Does this mean that teaching and practicing meditation is worthless? Quite the opposite. It just means that all rest is meditation and all meditation is rest, or in other words, you can’t rest unless you are in some way meditating!
    A short explanation of this is here:

    And a longer one is here:

  7. No! You are all wrong. We are all human "farm animals" for the powerful molecule and atom scriptwriters. If you do NOT like your life, yell, plead, curse at your scriptwriters. Bad people cannot stop being bad until their scriptwriters decide otherwise.

  8. I am a person not much educated,only school final passed. 54 years. With simple meditation our( Hindu holey books) now i am working in embedded company as product developer.Faith & meditation Leeds to me near a person who is a most wise ,honest,and respectable MD of accompany . Now i am well, in all aspects. l ivied in Vijayawada,AP, India. meditation purifies Ur sole and body .thanks.

  9. And….they just keep on coming….Another skin head Ken Wilber cult wannabe or a slobbering scientology follower the same as Chuck Masson and his brain dead societal rejects…they all have 'THE' answers but only as long as they get to control the questions. This swami is regurgitating the Transcendental Meditation self improvement bull shit of the early 70s, it's all a straight up hand job by "programmers" who are keenly aware of the mind fuck they are trying to put on you!  "Let's al play along and be nicey nice to each other and delude ourselves into thinking we can be 'better than ourselves'. I have never met one of these delusional psychopaths who didn't fit right in with the so called 'business' community mindset, ie., how to get their hands in your pocket! If you need someone to validate your existence for you your in some kind of trance state and are in need of a good bitch slapping! Self reliance, an awareness of who you are in the pecking order of society, a  realistic sense of direction and a strong will are the tools everyone needs to avoid this Hindu hillbilly horseshit! Find someone to love, work you enjoy, cultivate interests, harm no one and learn compassion….That is all anyone will ever need to be happy in this life. PS… Stay clear of anyone who wants to control your thinking, like Ken Wilber:-)  Peace, Shalom, Have a nice day and enjoy your shitty job!

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