Meditation 101: 7 Point Posture of Vairocana

Meditation Instruction. Proper posture is critical to an effective meditation session. It allows for a straight spine, which supports, open energy channels, energy flow through the chakras and channels, while supporting to calm the body and mind, increasing stillness and focus.

You can sit cross-legged, a.k.a. “Indian style” with a cushion under your buttocks to raise your hips & buttocks off of the floor to ease discomfort in the leg and knees. You can also put small cushions under your knees if you have knee problems. Or, as you’re learning, supporting the knees at times may allow you to sit longer until you get more comfortable with the 7-point posture.

Point 1- Legs: cross-legged or “Indian style.”
Point 2- Hands: hands resting lightly, palms down, just above the knees- about 2 inches above the knees. You can utilize a mudras of your choice, yet I find and prefer palms down on the thighs because mediation is about being in an uncontrived state and my experience is that palms down on your thighs is less contrived, less effort, and thereby more relaxed than mudras.
Point 3- Spine: spine erect as if a golden or silver thread was lifting up on the top of your head extending into the ethos, lightly lifting your spine and your vertebrae ever so slight so that your spine is fully erected. Not an effortful extension.
You can also imagine your vertebrae like a stack of gold coins, stacked and resting one upon the other.
Point 4- Shoulders: You can just let them land where they land. You can lift them up and see where they land, or you can do a full backwards and up rotation of your shoulders, and see where they land. Any other these processes can help you find you sweet spot. The goal again is a straight and erect spine, without effort.
Point 5- Chin: chin tucked in ever so slightly towards the chest, so that if your spine went through your head, that portion of the spine would also be erect. Chin is not up or even parallel to the ground, but rather tucked in ever so slightly towards the chest, like a “shepherd’s crook.”
Point 6- Tongue: tongue lightly resting on the roof of the mouth where it meets the front top teeth. Not pressed, just resting softly, with a slight gap between the lips so that air flows freely.
Point 7- Eyes: soft gaze 1-2 feet in front of you. Open-eyed mediation is preferred for many reasons. For one, it helps you stay awake. More importantly, it allows you to more easily take your meditation practice into the waking world. When you meditate with your eyes closed, you close yourself off from the world, and then when you try to meditate with eyes open you’re too distracted and it’s like starting a whole new process.
You can close your eyes for short periods to help still the mind, or just lower the gaze. Both will help you with an over active mind. You can also raise your gaze to help you if you are tired or falling asleep. Return your gaze tot he preferred angle (about 1-2 feet in front of you) as soon as you are able.

If you develop a daily practice of meditation, even if it’s 2-minutes in the morning and evening when you are pressed for time– you will see the difference in the state of your body and mind and your overall health. You will be happier and healthier! Everyone has 2 minutes. We make time for what we believe to be important. I’m sure your common sense tells you that meditation can only bring you good –at a much needed time of information overload and overly speedy nature of the human dilemma– always “doing”, rarely “being.” Did we forget that we are human BE-INGS?

Feed your body and mind properly, and you can have all the energy and vitality you desire. Start where you are– and just eat more whole foods (preferably local grown)– each week, month, and year–and over time you will see the difference it makes in the way you feel. It will greatly improve your mood, your energy levels, and your overall health. You will never get healthy eating bad foods. You will never get healthy thinking wrong thoughts. You health of you body affects your mind, and the state of your mind affects your body. It’s time to embrace truth and become empowered in your own health. You, and only you, are responsible for the state of your health. And, you and only you, can truly get you healthy. When you befriend your body, and your mind– they will become the best friends a person can have. There’s only one way to find out if what I say is true…

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