Meditate to Achieve Peace of Mind | Human Manual | Sammy Nanwani

“Meditate and the Universe will reflect back to you.”

What meditation actually is and why do we need to meditate?

Watch Sammy Nanwani talk about Meditation and how to achieve peace of mind.

Happiness is a state of mind, but amidst all the chaos and stress of our daily life and materialistic world one finds it almost impossible to remain calm. Meditation is the medium that will guide you through your mental chaos and will keep you going.

Also, meditation helps you understand your role in the universe and identify your purpose in life.

Sammy Nanwani, the Self-made Entrepreneur has made a niche in the cloth trading and designing industry, Real Estate and Bollywood. Having observed much in business & life, having witnessed learning curves and having experienced success and failure Sammy shares his insights on the prolific human behavioral pattern & various other life skills to inspire people around.

The core concept of this initiative is The Human Manual. There are manuals for every machine, except for the most powerful machine on this planet – The Human Machine.

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