Medicine Buddha healing meditation and practice: Zasep Rinpoche

A short 16-minute guided Medicine Buddha meditation and “mini teaching” from H.E. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, from the learning video series from Buddha Weekly.
The most Venerable Zasep Rinpoche guides a full Medicine Buddha healing visualization meditation followed by the amazing vocals of Yoko Dharma chanting the Medicine Buddha mantra for several minutes. (Don’t miss this wonderful mantra chanting with gorgeous Medicine Buddha images.)
Sit straight, close your eyes and let Rinpoche guide you with the healing light and nectar of the great Medicine Buddha, then chant along with Yoko Dharma for healing activity.
Rinpoche also teaches the proper pronunciation of the Medicine Buddha mantra in both Tibetan and Sanskrit. This ten minute guided meditation with five minutes of mantra chanting daily is a highly recommended practice for everyone — no initiation or permissions are required.
Full transcript and more details here on Buddha Weekly magazine:


8 thoughts on “Medicine Buddha healing meditation and practice: Zasep Rinpoche

  1. Perhaps a conundrum…Durham vriti nirodha neti mana neti Buddha neti neti Buddha sadhanam my crude Sanskrit may be translated as What is it like when suffering does not practice because ones practice does not suffer…answering my own question… the threshold of suffering need not be a negative force…I mentioned this to a woman friend and without hesitation she responded…I know what you mean for I'm a mother and I know what it's like to give birth to a child…I could have hugged her to within an inch of her life…because she cut through my crude intuition and arrived at true meaning…as for this online forum of Dharma Art and Teaching Well done and well received everyone Om Ah Hum…PS perhaps others may answer the question What is it like When suffering does not practice because ones practice does not suffer namaste

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