Me, My Microbiome, And I: The Vital Cells Of Existence

Nearly every health website offering eternal youth and beauty will sooner or later focus in on gut health and improving your microbiome, as if the microbiome were something that needed fixing. In fact, much of you isn’t you, and that’s okay. For every cell in your body, there’s another tiny single-celled creature that also calls your body home. Far from being germs we should eradicate, these ancient friends allow us to digest food, breathe air, and fight off disease. They were here long before us and will undoubtedly remain long after we’re gone. They are our microbiome, and after eons of cohabitation, we are finally getting to know one another better. Of course, we aren’t always the best of neighbors. Autoimmune diseases, allergies, depression, and Alzheimer’s may be diseases of an unhappy microbiome. Come join world-renowned microbiologists Martin Blaser, Jo Handelsman, Rob Knight, and David Relman as they zoom in on the micro world and zoom out on its macro influence.

MODERATOR: Emily Senay
PARTICIPANTS: Martin Blaser, Jo Handelsman, Rob Knight, David Relman

The Big Ideas Series is supported in part by the John Templeton Foundation.

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This program is part of the Big Ideas Series which is supported in part by the John Templeton Foundation.


24 thoughts on “Me, My Microbiome, And I: The Vital Cells Of Existence

  1. I think the first toilet that maps and looks for irregularities in our biome would be so beneficial to science and every individual. How nice would it be to hear from your own cammode what your diet is lacking. Maybe it suggests a sauna for 30 minutes tonight to inhibit reproduction of a new found virus. Wake up the next morning and see if you rid yourself of an oncoming cold!

  2. I wish every single educated (even slightly) human being watches this discussion. The panel and the moderator (and the topic!) are simply beautiful, elegant, graceful. Hope to see more of this! Thank you so much drs. Senay, Blaser, Handelsman, Knight and Relman! You rock!

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  4. I like the subjects the world science festival produces but not the presentation. I believe a well scripted documentary supported with animated graphics a much clearer presentation than a discussion panel.

  5. Excellent discussion, thank you.

    There was one area which was not explored, nor mentioned which I believe will become critical as the technologies to assay an individual's microbiome are developed, or made available -i.e. is your microbiome profile private? For example, you sit down on some chair; is what you leave behind (no pun) still yours? Or can it be used in the same way as the DNA one might leave on a drinking glass or soda can? (Will this lead to products like privacy diapers?)

    My guess would be that the technology for such rapid assays are currently under development, and will likely be put to use by any number of groups in society that have a stake in knowing as much as possible about an individual. In the near future, peeing in a cup might not be enough for an employer, nor in determining your auto or life insurance premiums, etc.

    This is a remarkable and necessary science! And it will be interesting how this all plays out. Thanks again for sharing the talk.

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    Have a GROOVY Day, tommyj

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