Matrix Meditation Algorithm along with

Have you ever considered self-metaprogramming? Self-hypnosis? How about visual brainwave entrainment? Here’s a simple screenflow of’s fantastic new music service along with a custom visual brainwave entrainment script. (Check out here: – they’re way more advanced than your average “binaural beats”)

The brain is amazing at pattern recognition, and this simple algorithm takes advantage of that. The user defines a meditation and it is repetitively mixed in with encryption-grade random character generation. This tool serves as a nice way to set mental intention, entrain towards a desired brainwave frequency, and it also creates a set period of relaxation or productivity.

This is usually set up on a second monitor while working (or as a semi-transparent overlay over a documentary, for example).

This started as my first “Hello, World” type program as I first started learning the Python programming language last summer. And then I kept using it, so I added a few updates making the variables editable from within the terminal – no script editing required. Feel free to use it yourself and also to offer comments and suggestions.

WARNING especially to people with known photosenitive epilepsy: running this script irresponsibly could result in seizures. It is a tool, and tools can be dangerous, so please talk to your doctor, do your research, and be careful.

This app does not make any medical or therapeutic claims. Rather, the goal of this app is to provide a small contribution, a new tool for meditation, self-hypnosis, learning, and cognitive enhancement without the use of nootropics.


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