Maryland Dialogues with Kevin Powell

There’s no safe place called careful: A conversation on race and racism in America. Kevin Powell, activist, writer, public speaker.


10 thoughts on “Maryland Dialogues with Kevin Powell

  1. Black slaves built America?


    Slaves didn't build America.

    Slaves were only 10 – 15% of the U.S. population.

    As we speak, Mexicans are picking apples in California for slave wages.

    As we speak, Mexican women are cleaning hotel rooms throughout the United States for slave wages.

    Would you suggest that these Mexican workers are building California?

    I don't think so..

    Would you suggest that these hotel maids are building America?

    I certainly don't think so.


  2. 95% of Native Americans died due to diseases brought by the Europeans.

    This was far from genocide.

    Native Americans also had slaves…… INCLUDING black African slaves.

  3. The Europeans were very late to the party involving slavery.

    The Arabs, on the other hand, purchased South African black slaves for 1400 years.

    Sometimes, these South African slaves were transported to Egypt by way of the Sahara desert.

    It is estimated that while 10% of black South African slaves died after being sold by black African chiefs to Europeans on their way to what would become North and South America, 80% – 90% would due on the way to Egypt.

  4. Black African slaves were not kidnapped by Europeans.

    Black African slaves were sold by black African chiefs to European slave traders.

    Black African slave traders sold 120,000,000 black slaves to the Egyptians in the Trans Saharan slave trade.

    Black African chiefs also sold slaves to the Chinese.

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