Marijuana and Spirituality (Does Pot/Weed/Cannabis Enhance Spirituality?) – Teal Swan

Pot, otherwise known as cannabis or marijuana, is considered a spiritual medicine and has been used as such since 2000 BC because it is a psychoactive drug. Pot is considered psychoactive because it can alter one’s state of consciousness. Altering one’s consciousness helps them to break free of illusion and the restriction of limited perception.

The number one benefit of cannabis is that it helps people to release resistance. By affecting the brain like it does, it inhibits the brain from focusing on and translating the resistant, stressful thoughts that cause a negative emotional response within the body. This is why it is so effective at reducing stress. And this is also why it is so effective for the use of pain management. Pain is a symptom of resistance. By causing a person to release resistance and “flow downstream with life” a person is free to be who they really are. More of their true essence is present in the absence of resistance and this is why people often undergo such intense spiritual experiences while under the influence of cannabis. But this is also why it is used recreationally.

If a person tries to escape their resistance by using a tool like cannabis, they have learned nothing but to be dependent on the tool. They may have increased their awareness of what is beyond this dimension, but they have not learned anything about how to access states of consciousness beyond the 3-D consciousness on their own, without the use of an external substance/tool. In essence, they have become powerlessly dependent.

While these medicines are often life changing because they can serve to crack through the illusion of the physical dimension so a person can peer beyond the illusion, they all too often become a person’s only way of transitioning their consciousness into a “more spiritual” state. They then become a crutch that disables a person from reaching those states organically. The feeling state created by these medicines becomes an addiction and the more subtle transition of increasing one’s vibration and altering one’s focus so as to facilitate an organic shift in consciousness, no longed registers as a “special and noteworthy experience” when compared with the intensity of the radical break from reality, caused by the medicines. So often the drug itself becomes the person’s only access to spirituality. The drug itself becomes the religion.

In this episode, TEAL explains the benefits and drawbacks to using pot in spiritual practice.

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27 thoughts on “Marijuana and Spirituality (Does Pot/Weed/Cannabis Enhance Spirituality?) – Teal Swan

  1. wow Teal explained why at one time cannabis was great and I even had a couple of amazing spiritual experiences while high. But as I've progressed spiritually/consciously, it not only doesn't feel good, it feels awful. Thank you. I feel so much better without it now. Thank you much Teal. Love your work and gain so much insight into myself from your lectures. 🙂

  2. The moment something has that much power over you that you can't live with it. It's time to drop it, and move on. Because only you should have absolute power over yourself. To live you need to have sovereignty over your self.

  3. Okay great, tax the weed. I agree. Where does the tax money go though? to the government. So what is the point in the first place. Legalize it and prohibit the sale. Only barter it. That encourages people to plant stuff and planting stuff is the way forward. Ill give you tomatoes for some weed. Or give me a couple potatoes for this excellent sativa… that seems more viable. Bypass cash money all together. It all ends up with whats his face any way…that rothchild dude…

  4. I smoked it for more than 20 years, it never enhances my spirituality, it gave me copd. I stopped caring about living and wasted my life. 2 years off the stuff and I have accomplished more than in 20 years including finished school. I believe in manifestation and source energy however I can tell you from experience that weed was my downfall and I am glad to be free of it.

  5. No motivation while on weed?
    How about smoking and working out, writing papers, organizing the hell out of the house, etc.
    lol I can think of multiple things weed motivates me to do

  6. God is your spiritual connection not phycodelics or weed. I smoke occasionally but I'm honest with myself and others. A sober mind is all you need to pray and have a connection with our creator.

  7. I'm a Shaman and a lot of this is miss information. Dopamine is our satisfaction hormone and 85 percent of dopamine is actually created in your gut not your brain, some made in the spine and the rest in the brain. There is nothing addictive in weed. I quite for 4 months and no difference. Also ingesting plants and the right foods can increase your vibration and plants hold a high vibration and is why we need to eat live enzymes for better health and higher vibration. Further more if you are having concentration problems or spiritual connection the first place you should be looking at is your gut, the second brain that feeds the first.

  8. Weed makes you lazy, robs of your energy, makes procrastinating everything, makes you non confident and you mind is clouded and you have cravings for crappy unhealthy foods.. at the end of the day it is drug/medicine. You wouldnt eat antibiotics every day would you? You use it when it is needed.. i am glad I don’t smoke anymore! I am sorry but i have not met any productive person who is smoking weed.. all of them lazy! I was one of them! Ultimate high – absolutely clear mind!

  9. I just stay high. It’s the life I choose and I love it. Do what makes you happy because no one can live your life for you and you’ll be old before you can blink an eye.

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