Marianne Williamson: On Consciousness, Spirituality, and Politics in America

Internationally acclaimed spiritual leader, Marianne Williamson, shares her insight on the creation of a beloved community through the use of political and ethical externalization.

This lecture was delivered at Harvard Divinity School on October 14, 2015.

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43 thoughts on “Marianne Williamson: On Consciousness, Spirituality, and Politics in America

  1. Marianne offers the power of conscious loving compassion to her vision of democracy. This revolutionary change is needed to create a positive spiritual transformation that brings morality to this country!

  2. Thank you Ms Marianne Williamson for running!!! I had hope you would become our President since the first time I saw you speak in Santa Monica’s Unity Church in like 2008 or something. So many of us are so very grateful. Thank you. I know you will win Ms President!!!

  3. Jesus was incarnated by love (god) to show the alien vampires (egos) how to remove their black hole in space called "ego" and it's joy sucking "spirit of greed" and replace it with a "heart" and the "spirit of love".

    But the alien vampires are so ignorant (dead) that they got it backwards. So instead …the alien vampires insist and sometimes force human "beings" to invite a black hole in space called "ego" and it's holy "spirit of greed' into their bodies instead.

    And even though "loving our neighbors" and "treating others like we want to be treated" is as natural as breathing and as easy as falling off a log to humans…

    It is an abstract concept that is too far out there for the alien vampires to grasp. That is why the vampires' have used the Bible as a springboard to perform somersaults to do the exact opposite.

    The truth said with the wrong intent is worse than all that lies invent.

  4. African Americans were not part of the revolution so the community doesn’t fully understand that education is a tool against the aristocracy. We have atoned for slavery and racism, so I do not believe in more atonement for my generation.

  5. There is only one generation of PEACE that never knew war in history! 1975-80.
    The Cold War with the Russians was fought in Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Cuba. But after the Vietnam War blew that old foolish game, they switched to oil, heroin and Moslem Wars after 911. Reagan had his Latin American wars, and it has been war ever since 1980. Between 1975-1980, when I came of age, Jimmy Carter was in the White House and PEACE…relatively….was the rule of the day. (Except for the botched rescue attempt of the Iran Hostages.) I am sure there were still secret wars and espionage though as always.

    These five years of peace is the age of those who were 18-23 years old at the time. Old people do not go to war.

    Those five years were ones where the USA was not at war officially with anyone. Our generation came of age during those years of peace. We are the only generation NOT DEFINED BY WAR!

  6. Jesus is Lord! Please do not be deceived! He is The Way (the only Way), The Truth and The Life! All others routes are a deception by satan to get your eyes off of serving The One True living GOD! Don't take only my word for it, but seek Him yourself, you will find Jesus is GOD and He is Love, it is the most important relationship you will ever have! Eternal life will follow that! Please see this link of an ex new ager:

    GOD bless!
    John 3:3,5, Acts 2:38, Romans 10:9 🙂

  7. I love you Marianne
    But this talk was such a disappointment
    Move forward, look forward & bring people together
    I’m sad to hear how negative these words are

  8. “Change happens when enough people get it…”
    The first 55 minutes is her presentation and worth the time. [After that is a Q & A session.] Ms. Williamson’s ability to weave together historical anecdotes with current figures and facts, interspersed with medicinal wisdom from our founders was overwhelmingly refreshing. After listening to this portion of her presentation, it is impossible to disagree that the kind of moral leadership that can be inferred is exactly what our nation, lo, our world needs at this moment.

  9. Those who use the term "spirituality"  generally are clueless and generally anti-religious. Many of these egotists steal from established religions and pretend to be "spiritual." Is M.W. one of those?

  10. Watching Feb, 9 2019. Thank You, Marianne, I will watch this in chunks but the first 25 minutes are fantastic. Now, you have announced your running for Our President and I am So thrilled. Just in the short time since your announcement you are already being slammed by those you have no idea who you are … those who say you have no experience but your reply to that is very good, those who say you are a ???? (what ever derogatory label that their group uses to exclude) … either because of your spiritual views and undertakings, or because of your desire to allow for reparations for slavery.
    All Presidential candidates will get their share of derogatory publicity, we all know this, We all need to be prepared to give the proper response AND to remain in the stance that You are not merely qualified to be Our President But that You ARE the Best person for this important role not just for Our Nation but for Our World. If All of us who know You are the one to become President in 2020, Stands firm and takes, required, supportive actions … You Will Win.
    The Power of LOVE can overturn the love of power … IT IS TIME!

  11. On Christians and suffering. It is Christian history that is necessary to bring out to understand the meaning of Jesus. Integrity to grow and operate in hypocrisy, personal effort to grow and to operate in spiritual growth training and allow authentic Divine grace to operate.

    As for Catholics, study Father Jose Arizmendiarrieta and his work in leading to the founding and success of Mondragon co-op Corporation. In Brazil, the radical Catholic priests founded the CPT and supported the MST Landless Movement down there.

  12. Food co-ops, Credit unions, Fair Trade and organic certification. Spiritualization of the modern. 12 step group Recovery Movement, Interfaith practice like Tai Chi, Yoga, and Buddhist meditation. Social Movements emerged thanks to the Quaker Friends in Anti-Slavery. Susan B Anthony was the daughter of a nonconformist Quaker father and sympathetic Methodist mother. Later, Jane Addams, C Eastman, and Norman Thomas led the founding of the ACLU with Christian connections. American principles? Social responsibility is part of Christian integrity. And the co-operative / co-ownership business model as part of economic democracy. Denmark, Germany, Emiglia Romana Italy, Mondragon Spain, Vermont USA, and Fair Trade co-ops everywhere.

    As for changing "Columbus Day", as if the European perspective has no value and needs to be subordinated to another is mistaken for a few reasons, not least of all that it is an external change. Christian "hypocrisy" was no more brutal than the reality of brutality for Native Americans and the rest of the world. It is "Christian integrity" being extended that has allowed the creation finally of the notion of Human Rights, which includes the creation of the UN, and the UN World Forum for Indigenous People. Create "Geronimo Day" the day after Columbus Day, but it is the recognition of the reality of conquest in human history, and the reality of the post-conquest extension of Christian integrity.

  13. People who follow these forms of generalizing are totally lost…religion is nonsense and farcical.I wish I didn't have to make that statement yet you are damaging the ignorant masses!

  14. Marianne, are you ever going to admit you were one of the people who gave us Trump? In your open letter to Hillary you admit she welcomed you warmly into her home and life, and then you chose to support "pure" Jill Stein, who won many more votes than Hillary lost by in 3 key states. Spirituality does not mean turning off one's brain

  15. You state proudly: "We ended a War." These were the provisions to the Paris Peace Accords:

    1)An in-place ceasefire between North and South Vietnamese forces began at 8:00 on January 28, 1973.
    2)When the ceasefire was in effect, US troops had sixty days to withdrawn all of their forces. Simultaneously, both side had to release all their war prisoners.
    3)South Vietnam and the North would negotiate a political settlement which would allow South Vietnamese people to decide their own political future.
    4)Reunification of Vietnam was to be “carried out step by step through peaceful means”.

    But the North Vietnamese betted that if they made one more advance, the USA would buckle because of US domestic pressure, ie, communists and hippies trying to "end the war." I am not saying that it was right for us to be in Vietnam in the first place, nor am I saying that the war was well run, it was not. And I am not saying that Americans protesting the war were all together wrong. But when members of your generation take credit for "ending the war" – and being so proud of that – it shows how biased you are. As if, "ending it" was all that mattered. That view is pathological. What about the value of security and responsibility. Let us also remember that South Vietnam was over run by the communists completely – when we left. And not to mention the Cambodian atrocities that were, in large part, fueled by Cambodia knowing that the US was leaving and was never coming back.

    "Ending the War" in Vietnam was is a bit more complicated than you make it out to be.

    PS – nobody "stole the Gore/Bush election. Do your research. BTW, I voted for Gore in that election.

    The arrogance of the baby-boomer generation never ceases to amaze me.

  16. Consciousness is the product of apperception of a past perception-

    noun: apperception; the mental process by which a person makes sense of
    an idea by assimilating it to the body of ideas he or she already
    possesses.fully conscious perception.

     — see my website
    —–Without a single governor (BEING) that transcends spacetime, the
    stars will collide.
    ——With Being, all things are possible, to be shaped by evolution..

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