Managing Stress and Psychosomatic Disorders Through Meditation

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April, 23 2008


This practical session on meditation teaches the technique of awakening the subtle energy from the position of the nervous system and the energy centers using positive affirmations to attain self-realization.

•Understand the mechanism which causes stress in life and at work
•To gain control and mastery over stress
•To release the energy for living a creative and satisfying life.
•To optimize one’s potential and resources at work
•To understand the changes that take place post meditation.
•To empower others around us.

Benefits of meditation:
•Improves health, memory and concentration
•Enhances communication and inter personal skills
•Relationships become harmonious
•Problem solving skills and creativity are enhanced
•Peace of mind, contentment & joy are felt from within.

This transformation takes place naturally and spontaneously through the awakening of the energy centers. She will conclude the session by going through research findings on meditation and stress management.

No mats are required. This meditation is performed while sitting on a chair.

Speaker: Dr Villy Doctor
Ms. Villy Doctor has a doctorate in “Psycho-Biological Changes that take place through Meditation.” She ran a counselling and vocational guidance center where she helped people deal with problems like drug abuse, alcoholism and personal plus business stress. This is where she saw the difference meditation makes. She has spent several years studying diff. forms of meditation.
She runs regular meditation workshops in Mumbai, India. She has also held these workshops for UConn Health Center (Conneticut), Nokia (Dubai), Yoga Center (New York), Tata (India), Bhabha Atomic Center (India) and other companies in India. She has conducted seminars for children in several schools to help them improve their concentration and also to help them cope with different emotional problems.


25 thoughts on “Managing Stress and Psychosomatic Disorders Through Meditation

  1. you are a false guru…… you copy this meditation from sahaja yoga…. that started in 1970.
    but if i was you i would be carefull…… with what you doing which is giving heat yo people… i bet no one can feel cool but only heat

  2. Well, according to her website, she has started this Foundation in Nov 2009. While there is no doubt that all her source of information and knowledge about this meditation is primarily from the teachings of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi as taught under the system of Sahaja Yoga which was established much earlier in 1970.
    Not to discredit her effort to help others, but she should at least be kind enough to convey to the audience and credit the source of her knowledge to the real Guru Shri Mataji.
    Apart from this plagiarism, she is a human being and vulnerable to her spiritual state and vibrations falling down and her disciples beware that a falling guru takes down the disciples too under the hood of their shadows…

  3. By the grace and blessings of my beloved Mother (Villy Doctor), I have been practicing Satya Mediation for 20 years and it has helped me grow in all aspects of my life. Now I am healthier (stress related digestion issues and ulcers cleared), more focused at work and have learned to forgive myself and others. All this works out automatically as the nerve centers(chakras) clear with regular practice. It grounds me in life and I am filled with peace, love and oneness with God & the universe.

  4. Ma(Villy Doctor) has unequivocally transformed lives of all those who have been fortunate enough to meet her. In this world, as she often tells us there are those who accept God's benevolence immediately & some are the skeptics who have to find fault with everything. Both schools of thought are acceptable as human nature is dynamic & ever changing.
    One must continue to strive to become better and more compassionate individuals through perseverance and by regularly practising Satya Meditation.

  5. I have known Ma(Villy Doctor) for almost two decades. A simple human being full of compassion & deepest empathy for all whom she meets. Simply put an experience of extreme love and peace washes over you in her presence. She has devoted her life for the betterment of the less fortunate through her charitable trust & teaches Satya Meditation through free workshops throughout the world. Other individuals like me have grown positively with her guidance, love and blessings.

  6. Mother (Villy Doctor) has through the technique of Satya Meditation given me such insights which had i not got my realisation through her, i would have not realised. Under her guidance and whilst meditating since 1999, i have connected with the Universal Light such that i could see my inner light. The vibrations, the energy field felt in her presence are beyond words and to try to express the same is but folly. One has to experience to believe.

  7. Just being in Satyavati Ma's(Villy Doctor) presence, our Promordial Energy dances through the 7th Nerve Centre, instantly connecting to the Universal Energy. What is really touching in today's day & age, is that She does it free of charge.
    I have been meditating under her guidance for more than 13 years & all my friends & well wishers are witness to the growth within me.

  8. How easy it is to point fingers, judge and evaluate others.
    Satyavati Ma, whom many just call Villy Doctor, is a True Spiritual Guru, cause no matter how one addresses her, yet one receives unconditional Divine love and compassion from her.
    Satyavati Ma has been conducting Stress Management workshops globally since the last 15 years and multitudes have received their Satya Realisation.

  9. I was stressed bcoz of trying to manage work & family & children & parents & in-laws & my body. I wished somebody help me!

    Thanks to my iPhone & my Gaming interests, I? Luckily came upon an iPhone App called "iHWC" by Lokesh hanumappa. This is really cool app! Its main focus is on "Hurry, Worry, Curry" & How to come out of it! & I immediately downloaded it. Thanks to this app, I am more at ease in my life because I am managing it pro-actively

    Hope it helps you too if you are in same situation.

  10. Many people who have learned SY from following Shri Mataji will no doubt start doing this as they get more confident. She is no doubt following Shri Mataji's recommendation that followers need to do it their self, and perhaps adopt her style in the process. SY is after all not a group and does not cross one's freedom, it is a state of being in meditation whereby one realises what God is. I wouldn't say this lady has what it takes yet though, but she's trying, and her vibrations aren't so bad.

  11. i agree , if you have universal lessons to share you need to be a channel only , its not about recognition its about sharing something much grater than youreslf ,

  12. Shri Mataji
    Pl forgive her she is claiming to be doing reaserch on this Sahaja Yoga theroy which you had taught us

    We pray that message spread by her should get corrected Sahaja Yoga should spread with Divine working. Shrimataji my friends from US told me/ she is getting her puja done, Pl forgive her and give her the message to correct herself and the people.

    May god bless her, and request all her followers to please look into Sahaja Yoga mesages of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
    Jai Shri Mataji

  13. This is a complete copy of Sahajayoga, I'm amazed how confidently she copied Shri Mataji's work completely. I'm sure no one felt the cool breeze, it is just a mental thing she tried on them. After all copy is copy and no real experience can be experienced by copy.

  14. @andevendeeper ever heard of a spiral? the shift is 360 degrees, accompanied by a simultaneous shift in level, up or down. That is more powerful than a 180 degrees. 180 is not complete…it is only half. To be complete, it needs to be 360 degrees. I don't know if I was able to communicate correctly.

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