MahaRa – Chakra Alignment Meditation in A432 Hz Sample

** This is a 4 minute, 2 Chakra SAMPLE from the original 15 Minute 7 Chakra Video. To download the FULL VERSION, visit:

This is a powerful Chakra Alignment Meditation Video tuned to A432 Hz. This video will guide you through each of the chakras (energy centers of the body) and will play specific mathematically sacred frequencies for the purpose of bringing your chakras into alignment and balance, as well as structuring your internal physical cells. This video can be used as an open eyed meditation to promote deep inward relaxation, or to restore balance to your mental thoughts.

Frequencies played within this video are as low as 32.11 hz, and a subwoofer is recommended to receive the maximum effect of the frequencies; although it’s not required.

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