Love Has Always Been The ONLY Answer!

Love has always been the only answer we ever needed as we journey through this human experience.

In this video, I talk about a meditation I did on Monday (13 Jan 2020) at 10 PM the night. As I moved into meditation, I started doing automatic writing. In the video, I describe a bit more about what automatic writing is.

My intention wasn’t to channel, I simply needed to connect with Mother Earth, connect with all animals dying in horrific numbers across the world, and connect with people dying and being tortured, etc.

So, I wrote a letter during my meditation and this is what came out…

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Much Love,


One thought on “Love Has Always Been The ONLY Answer!

  1. The blatant disregard for another life form is very evident in this world, death and suffering are everywhere. Think of what we can achieve, as human beings, if we forgot about our differences, if we unite in love, compassion and respect for not only one another, but for this plane of existence, mother Earth. Peace and love.

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