Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day

Why has Nutrition been so complicated? This video tells the story about why 3 meals a day is unnecessary and how eating ONE meal a day can make being healthy much simpler.
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[Had a lot of great questions so I made a FAQ! https://lifeforbusypeople.com/2016/09/06/eating-once-a-day-questions/]

[based on this blog post of mine▶︎https://lifeforbusypeople.com/2016/07/23/longevity-why-i-eat-once-a-day/ ]

0:00 – Our Complicated Health Environment
2:09 – How are Humans Supposed to Eat?
4:26 – Our Environment Chose How we Eat
6:06 – Why maintaining Blood Sugar is unnecessary & Harmful
8:26 – Ketosis, our Premium fuel source
10:10 – Health Benefits of Fasting
12:45 – My path to One Meal a Day

■2:18 – Elon Musk interview with Kevin Rose

■3:00 – Michio Kaku interview with Big Think

■4:32 – Almazan’s Kitchen for the awesome clip

■5:45 – Doug McGuff talk at 21 Convention in Florida

■8:15 – Peter Attia’s TED talk

■11:14 – Mark Mattson’s TEDx Talk

Other credits:
10:15 – Artwork by Quotefancy

What do I eat for my meal? Usually a variant of this: http://imgur.com/a/WrPqt (This is from two years back, my diet is pretty different now) Also, the gif makes it look like I eat a massive quantity of food, but it’s simply showing “before preparation” and “after preparation” (the purple looking drink is simply the vegetables blended up)

Most of my references are covered in the blog post above, if there is anything missing please let me know!

Let go of the food pyramid.

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43 thoughts on “Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day

  1. I read ten comments, and NONE mentioned active military diet. I'm 54, and I weigh the SAME I weighed when I enlisted. I feel fine when I have a stake dinner, and a bottle Ó red wine….three times a week👍🍷

  2. Let me stop the video did he just say Europeans create 3 meals a day if he did it’s crazy 😝 Ethiopia 🇪🇹 the oldest country in the world started that millions and millions years ago

  3. i have eaten once per day for years.. it's just a way of life now . .. my normal weight on my frame is 130-135. i once weighed 180 and was "almost" obese ..that's when i started eating once a day (anything i want to eat and as much as i want). i lost down to 130-135 with no effort no exercise i lost 1/3 body weight (all fat) effortlessly .. will it work for others? i don't know .. it works for me

  4. On work days, I find lunch to be my most important meal. Coffee, juice, water, and a small homemade gluten-free muffin get me through the morning. For dinner, I am usually finishing off leftovers from my lunch. Lunch usually includes most of the food groups, and is substantial enough to carry me through the day.

  5. I have been eating once a day for over 30 years and I feel great , every once in a while I'll eat twice a day . I'm the same size weight as was in highschool , I'm 55 and graduated in 1985 .

  6. Most people eat according to a clock. They’re not even hungry but culturally, at noon they MUST eat a lunch. So silly.

    Edit: i wrote the above before hearing the author. Amazing

  7. I have taken a keen interest in your channel and definitely following you for more essential and deep learning. Great work!
    One thing i would like to point is that, as a muslim, fasting is an 'obligation' in our religion, and about a billion people (almost) do that a month annually. Your research was very revealing and i just wished i could know what type of analysis you had about this one month practice by Muslims. Thanks!

  8. The reason why we need to eat more one meal a day is due to our busy life styles. Its one thing to eat one meal a day if you are not doing much with your day…. but if you are active during your day then you require more food/energy….

  9. Very interesting video, I lost 3 stone in 3 months by cutting my calories down to approx 1,500 calories per day… its the easiest way to lose weight, I do some fasting each week, not too much, every now and then. I eat mostly clean in the week, & relax and eat more at weekend. (including some wine, beer and whisky, not too much though!)

  10. Overall awesome video, you experiment and research and knoledge of japanese are very inspiring! little "but:: I think you are distributing partially misleading information, or rather not fully explained. In an example with glucose you speak as if it was the same for our body to process rice, boiled potato, candy or some latte blsht(while the 2 last aren't just glucose, they are glucose+fructose=the famous poison Table Sugar).. It is not, and whoever is watching this video ha to research more on that topic, 'cos it might be life-altering. And you should be aware of this making this video, thank you for it of course, but it is also a great responsibility, please BE MINDFUL, well informed and true.

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