LITTLE SISTERS: Using Meditation For Work In The World

Kristina Jones reveals that her experiences of working in Kathmandu to help rescue young girls from being trafficked to the brotherls of India was “so dark, it was so sad.” She notes that it was her meditation practice of learning how to be centered, learning how to keep the heart open, staying quiet inside that helped her to go into very dangerous environments to do the work that needed to be done. Her inner work also helped her to understand the culture and the people so that she could do real and effective work. Stuart Perrin goes on to say how important it us to not be judgmental, and getting strong enough inside to be able to do this. “This takes training, it’s not something people can do in their everyday life”.

Kristina Jones and Stuart Perrin (author of “Little Sisters”) created the Bahini Foundation in 1992, the first safe house in Nepal that rescued innocent young girls in peril of being sold to sex traffickers to work as prostitutes in Mumbai, India. Back then they were early pioneers in the dangerous business of bringing light to this now global human atrocity. Stuart says their experiences were the catalyst that inspired him to write “Little Sisters” to help bring awareness to the ever-increasing plight of millions of women and children been trafficked all over the world.

Recorded live at First Unitarian Church, Portland, OR, April 14, 2013.

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