Levitating man trick revealed

There is a steel plate on the pavement, covered with a grey carpet. In the corner of the plate, there is a rod sticking out. Into this, the gang put a steel platform, on which the beggar sits. The steel tube which holds the platform runs up his left sleeve.

Tiggeren sitter på en platform som er festet til et stålrør. Røret settes fast i stålplata som ligger på bakken.


35 thoughts on “Levitating man trick revealed

  1. I don't get how ANYBODY could be fooled into believing that this guy is levitating, when he's clearly sat and fixed to the big thick pole attached to a plate on the floor that's usually covered with a rug.

    This kind of trick just seems lazy to me, as everybody (with a logical brain) can see how it's done an these guys did the worst job of this trick, ever!

    It's basically begging, because there's no entertainment, unlike a busker playing music.

  2. Sure as hell wouldn't pay for this garbage trick. You're sitting your lazy ass there all day or should I say "floating" all day expecting money to come. If you would go around showing card tricks or other tricks then at least there's some effort. Bet Mcdonalds pays more than this shit job.

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