Learn meditation from this Buddhist monk

We keep hearing how meditation is good for body and spirit (if you have not already heard, raises immunity and brain function, relieves depression and problems with blood pressure, reduces the negative impact of stress, helps in the fight against addiction, relieves PMS, prolongs life …) but when you think of the daily half-hour (or more) spent in an uncomfortable position, while trying to clear the head of all thoughts and concentrate can be a little difficult. The truth is that meditation does not to be like that! Listen to the Buddhist monk and how easy it is to tame his “monkey mind” and how you can all add this in to your day to day life


29 thoughts on “Learn meditation from this Buddhist monk

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  2. Lol he makes it seem so easy you get all motivated watching him speak so calmly about it then when u actually try it u feel like an idiot cuz u know ur not doing it right

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