Krishnamurti, How do we gather the energy needed to change?

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22 thoughts on “Krishnamurti, How do we gather the energy needed to change?

  1. The observer creates the division. Division dissipates energy. Observe, the observer, to transcend division and duality to become One with the Multi-verse. Competition = division = wasted energy. Awareness of the observer is how we gather energy (or prevent precious energy from dissipating) needed to change. Thank you Master Krishnamurti for your divine wisdom.

  2. True wisdom is the ability to explain or break things down in the simplest of terms. If the lay person, who actually needs the most help, listened to this entire video the probable response would be, HUH? One would have to be on a higher level of metaphysical understanding to get this. Simplicity is best, not long winded riddles if we sincerely want ALL people to understand. "How to gather energy" was barely touched on, with all due respect the title of this video should be changed.

  3. There is an Indian saying,There are four rooms in your house/temple physical,emotional,mental and your heart centre/eternal spirit. When you are able to control the energies of these centres and direct them so everything lies in the heart you will be ready for anything because it is where your soul lives.

  4. Although we're time-space bounded, sages time immemorial are telling us the Truth and the freedom that will set us free. If we dive deep into our psyche and realize this center, this self that wiggles, identifies, measures, compares, justifies, judges, describes either factually (color, shapes etc) or emotionally ( old, ugly.. etc), then possesses (my cult being persecuted in Iran, your teaching that doesn't make sense..etc), divides (my cult, your religion etc), we will understand this freedom, this indivisibility of humanity. In another words, subtle thoughts into behavior that refused to see the clarity and warmth of the sun like the below N… a/c name. He posted a lot of his opinions, mostly to pollute this sparkling platform with a hidden agenda. Drop your center, stop the chattering thoughts, do no harm and feel the Love, Beauty, Goodness, and Truth that this sage so tirelessly tried to point out. Stop spitting at the clear, blue sky which only delays your setting free your shackled ego and thus hurts humanity. Thanks K and friends.

  5. We live on earth, therefore by default we must live in time/space—–we understand everything in terms of time and space; we communicate with others in time and space; all of our transactions and millions of other human affairs we hold, are all in time and space. Consider this analogy now——This earth is comparable to when we were in our mother's womb…… (let’s go slow here) The womb was the world we lived in. All its conditions and limitations had a definite purpose, and it was to develop limbs and organs and etc. Those limbs and organs (eyes, ears, hands, feet, vocal cords, taste buds, etc) we did not need them while we were in the womb itself, but they were ONLY necessary for when we arrived in this world after our birth. Now [WHAT IF], when we were in the womb, we said, NO WAY! I don’t need to live in such a small space and it is too limiting here, therefore I am going to live outside of this constricting womb RIGHT NOW!……….. And WHAT IF, hypothetically speaking, we could at 4 months old, while still in the womb, somehow get ourselves outside of the matrix of the womb? Could we even live? I doubt that. We would die in a short time, and even if we lived with the help of doctors and nurses, we would still have certain physical faculties and organs that would remain defective. It would be a rough life and not a wise choice. I am sure we all would agree on that.
    My point is, we now live on earth which may be comparable to a second womb (it is an analogy I am using of course) and there are now “spiritual faculties” that we are developing here, which have to be developed under the conditions of this world [through time and space], for very very good and wise reasons—-some of which we may or may not be aware of whatsoever; and even if someone comes along (i.e. Krishnamurti) and says here is a truth that is OUTSIDE of time and space—–and let's say he is EVEN proven to have such a truth; I still would suggest that such a truth would still NOT work or at least be applicable here on earth anyway, because logically one cannot bring the conditions that are [completely] meant to be [outside of time and space] and introduce them into the complex fabric of a biological life (physically and consciously) on earth, that ONLY things as related to time and space can take root, function, and thrive. The idea of such an occurrence itself would be [unthinkably dangerous] and [unwise] to be introduced in the matrix of time/space. Even in physical life, astronauts are careful not to carelessly introduce something from Mars to earth or from earth to Mars for good reasons. Now imagine we are talking about a person trying to introduce something outside of time and space (according to him) into a matrix that can only sustain itself through time/space dimensional conditions! This would be foolishly unwise to do by anyone.
    But let’s just assume for the sake of the argument that [some truth] outside of time and space could work here within the time/space dimension, and let’s assume it won’t harm anything—–my question is, what did Krishnamurti say that was [literally] outside of HIS own time and space, outside of his brain and mind? Can you name such a statement that he may have made? That’s what I really like to know.

  6. We need none of this pomp and circumstance psycho babble,men chatter and hum and chant the obvious …we simple need to listen to the part of us that KNOWS instead of the part of us that THINKS. Simple.End of teaching…..

  7. I believe that K was a man generations ahead of his time and a genius really.

    I have 4 questions which I wish someone had asked K. If anybody knows of any video or audio of him addressing them please share. Thanks in advance!

    ON DESIRE: K used to say something along the lines that desire is created by thought, and is destructive, brings insecurity, which brings division, which leads to violence and all the rest of it. Nonetheless, didn’t he himself “desire” that the people listening to his lectures understood what he was trying to communicate to them? Of course he did! Did he desire to change mankind and stop human suffering? Of course he did! Thus, he desired! He desired to change the world!

    ON DIVISION: K used to say that ANY type of division was “bad” (i.e. nationality, family, religion, etc.), but he himself often DIVIDED time between “psychological time” and “physical time”. Thus, his argument was often supported by division! The same applied to desire when he talked about desire for physical security being separate and distinct from desire for psychological security. He divided them!

    ON THOUGHT: K used to say (something like) thought was always playing tricks on human beings, and could never lead to right action, and only led to sorrow and all the rest of it. Nonetheless, during his many talks with Dr. David Bohm, they both were systematically “thinking” about how to best coin a sentence. That was thought in action! Their words were a product of thought! They even mentioned having looked the meaning of world in the dictionary.

    ON SECURITY: K stated that if one reached psychological security than physical security would be “all right”, because true psychological security would always lead to right action. He even said that if his house burned down, he would not care. Come on now! I would care (and guess I will always care) if my house burns down!

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