Just Like Me | A Meditation and Affirmations for Compassion and Connection – to Self and to Others

This meditation can be used to cultivate compassion and connection and as a form of non-violent communication and a tool for conflict resolution – and to affirm your own worth. You can share this session with a partner, a friend, work colleagues or family or simply visualize the person.

This is designed to empower you, never to force you into stating anything you do not believe.

You may wish to journal your own reactions to the affirmations, both as you say them to the other person and as you say them to yourself.

I have designed these affirmations to work in various different relationships: with partners, friends, colleagues, or even strained relations.

More on this: I did not repeat the set of affirmations exactly the same second time around to avoid it becoming robotic; however the sentiment is the same. Be sure that if you are practicing this, that the other person or people are committing just as much.

Genuine connection can only exist along with healthy boundaries. This will NOT work with narcissists, psychopaths and other personalities who have no compassion or empathy. Use this as a tool to determine who will make an effort to connect.

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