Jungle Rules

With Miki feeling disrespected and a potential HOA shutdown looming, the team now faces major personal and logistical problems. Scott helps French Montana transform one of his rooms into a jungle-themed theater.


3 thoughts on “Jungle Rules

  1. This really upsets me. I wished I could afford to pay for the show. If i had the money id pay for each episode. I watched the 1st two for free so im sad to see it cost money now. I really wanted to see what happens to the basketball court and how well the new homes sale. Due to my recent job loss at the local hospital here in my town im absolutely broke with no money to my name to even buy groceries and our only car isn't running so we have no vehicle at the moment. Scott Disick……im sooooo proud of U. U have overcame many obstacles and your in such a better place in life. I wished I could watch the show. I wouldn't miss an episode. Im so proud of you and Courtney for co parenting. God bless U. Your always in my prayers Mr. Disick

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