26 thoughts on “Joe Rogan – The Sleep Loss Epidemic

  1. yes!! thank u. people who sleep don't know what it is like to don't sleep. I went one month with sleeping just 20 minutes a day, if I was lucky.. What that did to my body was devastating.Worse then anorexia.

  2. This is whats fucked up with America and western culture overall. All that rush, all that fucking ambition and craziness only making everybody miserable and tired. They arrive the old age (if they do lol) then theyre all fucked up and never reached a normal rest in their lives. They all do it because of fucking boomers and retarded bible giving stigma of sleep being 100% characteristic of lazy people. Fuck all of that. Changes might not happen because politician are corrupted to the core by medical cartel industry.

  3. Uh…been saying this even at a basic job. We are litterly shamed for calling out bc we couldnt get good rest. " We really need u, we need u to be tired as fuck, head acges, stressed bc we need someone to sell a fucking car.

  4. Oh i can explain. Its gov again. Raise the price in becoming a doctor. Less doctors u see. But flip side if we have more doctor's the price of it is less 4 care. they do this to themselves for money. Money more important then life.

  5. Yup I got all types of fucked up around xmas 2016 having my burned feet cut off in a florida trauma center. I honestly thought the doctors were still wasted from the night before or something, but once I wound up being seen by a famous orthopedic surgeon he took one look at it and is like 'we need you in the ER NOW".

  6. Over the last year, I’ve been hospitalized multiple times for prolonged stays. They wake you at midnight/1am for a blood pressure check. God forbid if they want your blood drawn, which can happen once a day (I looked like a junkie after a two week stay), they wake you any time from 2am to 5am. You can’t sleep during the day because of lunch trays, doctors coming in and out, blood pressure checks all the time. I felt like shit each time because of that and when I got out my sleep schedule would always be messed up. It has affected my recovery and many other things. Hospitalization has made me value and appreciate a good nights rest

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