Jesse Ventura: Can You Prevent Gun Violence With Guns?

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The former Minnesota governor is known for frank assessments. Here he discusses arriving at a pretty unique way of preventing further violent tragedies on American soil. Ventura’s latest book is “American Conspiracies, Second Edition” (


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Transcript – What could we do to control the mass shootings that have been happening? That’s the gorilla in the room, isn’t it? The 3,000-pound gorilla because always remember this: I have a gun safe at home and never in my life have I come home and found those guns misbehaving. I’ve never walked in and heard them going off. I never walked in and nothing — because there’s something required. It’s called a human being that has to pull the trigger. And what can we do about it?

Well, I was governor when Columbine happened and I took a great deal of heat when I made the statement that had there been a legit conceal and carry in that building, lives could have been saved. And let me make this statement. Do we care more about our money or our kids? Well, the natural answer is, of course, our kids. But the reality answer isn’t that because isn’t there an armed guard in every bank? And yet the schools have no one to protect them. Guns are banned at schools. There’s nobody there to protect the kids.

Now going to my training in the Navy SEALS. We were trained to think like the enemy. If I were a terrorist and this is terrorism. This is, you know, terrorism in our country happening here. Of course I’d hit a school. There’s nobody there to stop me for 20 minutes. Now I gave the solution 15 years ago. Nobody abided by it and yet how many schools have been attacked since Columbine? A lot. You’ve got law enforcement, retired people out there and retired military special forces guys out there that are phenomenal with weapons. You hire one as a janitor. He wears two hats. The kids in school know him as Bob the janitor. He sweeps the floor. He does all the things the janitor does. But Bob is carrying a concealed weapon on him for protection of that school. Kids don’t need to know about it, only the principal. Then at least you’ve got somebody on site who can provide protection if some psycho decides they want to go and commit mass murder. Well, you may not get him before he does it, but you might save some lives.

Now I know people are going to say oh, you’re saying to solve guns with guns. Well, sometimes that’s the way it has to be done. And taking guns from honest people is not the answer because as the cliché goes, then it’ll be the bad guys got them because they’re not giving them up. Now should you stop the loopholes that these gun things? Of course. Of course. When I went for conceal and carry in Minnesota shall issue, what’s required. Background check, gun safety course. You have to go to the range and prove you can hit what you aim at. Taking guns from law-abiding citizens is not going to stop what’s happening.


25 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura: Can You Prevent Gun Violence With Guns?

  1. Proably The Drop-Out Rate Wouldnt' Be So Massive! If There Was A Union Of Some-Kind For Students. The High-School Janitor Proably Has More Benefits To Fall Back On. What Do The Students Have? The School-Teachers, The Guidance-Cousuler, The School-Principal, The School-Board, GIVE ME A BREAK! They Dont' Give A Damn. They Dont' Want To Get Their Hands Dirty! For Petes' Sake.

  2. Jesse Is Right About Protection In Schools. But There Something Else Students Need In School A Union! Why The Hell Not They Are There 5-Days A Week, 8-Hours A Day In That Overcrowded Cattle-Pen!

  3. Let’s change those automatic weapons with knifes, how many death are we going to have, and how many people will be able to escape? You can fight against a knife wielding man with a chair but you can’t fight with a chair against a gun or a rifle at least not that efficient… I like Jesse Ventura a lot but I disagree with him on this one… And a psychology test proves nothing, people can change and turn into a maniac at any time….

  4. WOULD WE OR ANYONE DESIRE OR FEEL THE NEED AT ALL TO KILL/SHOOT/HURT THEIR FELLOW U.S. CITIZEN, "IF," we all had [in no particular order] Full Comprehensive Universal Health Care with NO co-pay, a livable/sustainable/generous Minimum wage , dial down the US wars or No WARS, Free Community College???

  5. Schools are pretty big and have several buildings
    They should have Bob the janitor (ex special forces operator) ARMED in every building in every school in the US
    Bet that would cut down on our school shootings
    GUNS SAVE LIVES…….Don’t believe the media

  6. The janitor. Reminds me of Mr. Harry at my primary school. Janitor slash engineer. Any problems…call Mr Harry. A shooter wouldn't stand a chance against Mr Harry. Then he'd clean up the shooter with pencil shavings and saw dust and go tend to the boiler. Mr. Harry was a boss!

  7. This is the most retarded thing I've seen on the internet all day and there's a dumbass that fired himself in a rocket to prove the earth is flat. So the average Janitor makes $12.80 per hour. Jesse thinks it's a good idea to have retired persons well trained in firearms and have them work as Janitors? Janitors that are working. Not standing around as deterrents but working as a Janitor? And Jesse is thinking we can get these people on the cheap. Meaning paying them less money because they're already collecting a retirement right? Why wouldn't these people just go for a real security job make between 10,000 to 20,000 more a year and not have to unclog toilets?
    Plus who pays for the added costs to retrain these retired people in all the things that make a Janitor? And there's all the medical cost. Retired people have higher medical costs than young healthy people. Right?
    People that work for a living know that working as a janitor is not a stress-free job. Working around kids is not a stress-free job. Being a deterrent to violence is not a stress-free. And you think putting older retirees into these jobs is a smart thing? And that it would not cost anything. That it might save us all money? Yeah… this is stupid on an epic scale.

  8. Stop the government from doing the shootings and blaming the kids its alll comes down to the government to brainwashed the people of America its our country not the government agencies we created the government and we cen git rid of them they are terning there backs on we the American people its time to shape up our ship out to England where you belong.

  9. The second guns are removed from the citizenry you can count on a timer less than 5 years before a foreign power will invade and take over America. The ugly truth is the military does not have enough weapons to repel an invasion but you can bet there will be military contractors jizzing all over themselves with the idea of tactical nukking certain parts of the USA because it will be filled with foreign soldiers and American Deplorables who all deserve to die.

  10. I’m retired Navy and a high school janitor. I’m also a reserve deputy and this basically what I do.

    The Governor failed to mention, though I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, that we are also trained to recognize people having issues. I have personally intervened and mentored several young men who were having hard times. I’m don’t know if those boys would have ever gone past the point of no return. But I can say that as a veteran I have a sense of duty to my community and the ability to protect it that not many people will ever understand.

    I have seen some very troubled boys grow in to fine young men and I go to work every day with a sense of pride and responsibility for all my kids.

  11. I read a article that read that our country of the United States was rated real- Real low on violence and killing etc. And in fact there was other countries rated high in killing etc then the United States. So look up the statics folks.

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