“Jared Rand’s Global Guided Meditation Call” June 14, 2018

After the welcome, Jarad Rand says: “We got a lot of responses from yesterday’s meditation, and the impact it had. Some of people, the experiences they had, during and after the meditation. Some stayed in meditation longer, after the session. It depends on how you feel and what draws and guides you and draws you into the meditation longer, but it’s recommended that whatever your Higher Self is probably guiding you to stay longer and do more. Which is great!

Obviously, we have a lot of shifting sands on the planet. Things happening… That you can see with your own eyes. You don’t have to have anybody tell you. You can see it going on, in front of you. The Transition is well underway. There are a lot of things… It’s funny. You hear a lot. You get a lot of information but until you start experiencing it? It’s a whole different ballgame.
When you really start experiencing things, that you’ve been really, really waiting for. . Waiting for. Waiting for? For a very long time. It can become a little scary, it can become a little frightening. Because the reality is coming quickly, of the Abundance for the human race. The Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance. When it’s there, in reality? It’s a whole different story for people. You know, when you you’re wishing for something? You have faith in something, that’s going to transpire or materialize? That’s one thing. I’m sure a lot of you have experienced that fact. That desiring something and wanting something, is one thing. But when you really, materially? Reality hits and you have what you have desired, so long? It’s impactful. It can be very impactful, in many different ways.
Since we’re all kind of different molds, we respond differently to certain stimuli. Different outside stimulations. And when great Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth comes in? And you start seeing this shift? You witness it? It’s not something that you cannot see. It’s now full front and center. So empowering humanity, to be ready. To be adjusted and calm, for this great transition is important.

And in todays meditation? We look at the forefront of reinforcing the Prosperity, Abundance and Great Wealth…. Being redistributed to humanity, the human race. Is to reinforce that energy. Is to give it a couple more shots in the arm. Is stronger…
There’s you forces out there… And some people have written in, from yesterday’s meditation and they’ve said that they had some experiences, that were obviously from the opposing energies. That basically, didn’t like our energy of enforcing the Light and Love of Prosperity, Great Wealth and Abundance, for the human race. It’s basically a release of its ( the opposing forces) freedom. It’s freeing humanity from slavery and bondage. That’s what this is. That’s what this ‘financial shift’ is all about. Freeing humanity, from slavery and financial bondage. Which humanity has been in, from day one. Forever.
So it’s hard sometimes, for some people, to identify the fact, that they don’t have anything to compare it with. There’s no way to do that. You can’t even compare apples to oranges. You’ve got one thing that you’re used to, that has been ingrained in the social structure of the human race, forever. Lack of and lack of this and lack of that. Stress and anxiety and fear, that these things create. And we all know, that without ample, financial wealth, in the current system… We have problems. We have challenges. Where do we turn? What do we do?
There’s people, that I get messages from, emails from. They’re in dire need of medical care and they don’t know what to do? They don’t know where to go? They don’t have the money. People dying because of that? I’m sure everybody is aware of that. So this… The energy of Love and Deep Eternal Love and Prosperity and Great Wealth and Abundance, dispels all that. Vaporizes it. Soon as it touches the negatives? It vaporizes it. It dispels it and eliminates it. Permanently. And any(negatives) that has the courage to fester up again? It will be vaporized again.
In today’s meditation, I think that a ‘reinforcing shot of Great Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity is needed for humanity. For every single living being, on the planet. So that we are assured that this process is expedited, quickly and that it lends Positive Eternal-Love-Energy, out to the people. People of planet earth. Eliminating all of this… ‘slavery’ is the best word for it. That’s what it is and we all know it. (Too long)


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