Is Wim Hof's Breathing Method DANGEROUS??

I tried it and my body didn’t like it. And now i have new info making me wonder if it is good for us.

Scott Carney on BulletProof RAdio:
Quora discussion on hyperventilation:

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4 thoughts on “Is Wim Hof's Breathing Method DANGEROUS??

  1. 1) WH method is not hyperventilation, hyper ventilating is erratic short and fast.
    2) if you google anything you will eventually find an article saying that it will kill you
    3) you keep saying your body doesn’t like it, I think you’re mistaking feeling uncomfortable with your body not liking it.
    4) your body doesn’t like many things that turn out to be beneficial for you ex: fasting, running, weight lifting, cold and hot (sauna). There’s plenty of science to back those up.
    5) stop over thinking and just do it, if you don’t want to do it then don’t. Go a different route
    6) stop using regular google to do research go to google scholar instead and read the published scientific papers and come up with your own conclusion instead of reading some quack’s blog post.

  2. Hyperventilation is a short fast rapid breath . The style breathing wim practices is slow and deep then fast . It’s not hyperventilation lol . Do more research into breathe work . It’s very powerful and us westerners easily lack in this gnosis

  3. The type of breathe Is not discovered by wim hof! It’s been around for centuries. yoga has many breath techniques. One that warms up the body really quick . But the Mount Everest thing Is bit much.

  4. Well he's on VICE and has an ad with 3 hexagons, so good discernment there. He def is not teaching something good for people if he's involved with the Cult of Saturn, they love putting their hexagons everywhere on health or future/technology related media

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