Is Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health? | Bailey Parnell | TEDxRyersonU

Scrolling through our social media feeds feels like a harmless part of our daily lives. But is it actually as harmless at seems? According to social media expert Bailey Parnell, our growing and unchecked obsession with social media has unintended long term consequences on our mental health. As social media continues to become part of the fabric of modern life – the “digital layer” – abstinence is becoming less of an option. Bailey think it’s high time we learned to practice safe social before it’s too late. What are the common triggers? How are they affecting you over time? How can you create a more positive experience online? Bailey covers this and more in “Is Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health?”

Bailey Parnell was recently named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women. She is an award-winning digital marketer, public speaker and businesswoman with a talent for helping people tell better stories. Her work and expertise have been featured on CBC, CTV & in other local Toronto media. Bailey recently founded SkillsCamp, a soft skills training company where they help people develop the essential skills needed for professional success. She also currently works in digital marketing at Ryerson University.

Bailey is a frequent public speaker having spoken to more than 10 thousand people. She primarily speaks about social media, personal branding, and media and mental health. She guest lectured her first MBA class at 21-years-old and has been the youngest speaker as multiple academic conferences. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Communication and Culture with a research focus on social media and mental health, and holds an honours BA from the RTA School of Media at Ryerson.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


22 thoughts on “Is Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health? | Bailey Parnell | TEDxRyersonU

  1. I’m here because social media is affecting my mental health and I want to get out of it. I will. I want to be healthy and have peace already.

  2. Scrolling through comments sections is damaging me so much. They have become nothing but a cesspool of vile, hateful, hostile words thrown together by those protected by anonymity. I've allowed myself to go crazy because of reading opinions that come from total strangers. Right now I worry because I went to a sports competition a few weeks ago and a "cool" move I made during one of the matches was caught on camera. Everyone there wanted to turn it into a viral video or internet meme. I was horrified and begged them not to because all I could think of are the possibility of awful comments on it. I'm overweight and I know people would probably comment on that. How dare a larger girl try to play sports, right? Last I saw it had a good number of views and my stomach has been in knots about it. I can't bring myself to look at it ever again or read any comments. We have created a monster out of social media.

  3. I think this is because we are one of the first ones who are experiencing social media. Maybe after 60-70 years from now people will get used to it just as we were to a Telephone . And they will be "Unbelievable facts " about 2010's that when people were going into depression and even committing suicides because of the (excessive) use of social media . Maybe years from now, The generation will calm their tits about this and treat it as any other modern invention like a car or a telephone. Maybe.

  4. I still have my fb account but I don't use it like most people do.
    Somebody told me one day that I'm like dead because I don't update my status like other people do! I could careless and I don't feel the need of updating my status anyway so, I just disregarded that person's comment!

  5. You will quit the social media and you will pick something else. Solution is to use it in a healthy way or not use it at all but quitting is not the way for sure.

  6. what i've determined is that i prefer the viciousness which one may and will at times encounter within our real society, than, that within the virtual. the virtual society to me, has become much like walking into a ghost-town, however, because it is a ghost-town, i'll opt every time, to leave it-past what curiosity had taken me there. the subtle and malicious quality which exists so greatly within the social media, makes that of the real society, something i now wholly welcome to encounter in comparison.
    social media has offered me the abundant, (and then; some!) and, many reasons to both respect and love the world OUTSIDE of it. something, which i would not have discovered without it! so, thank you social media! I NEEDED THAT!!!

  7. I agreed up until 11 minutes.. Social media can be bad not the reaction of people on it. It is designed to persuade you based on our psychological weaknesses. Us being hooked to social media is beneficial to these companies. And that is a huge problem that needs our attention. I wish the talk would focus more on that.

  8. I don’t have Instagram and sometimes I’m proud of it. However sometimes it can make you feel isolated, especially when all of your friends are on social media. But at the same time , not having social media let’s you see the impact it has on others.

  9. The Anita Sarkisian story has alot more meat to it than "she is just being harrased" – She is an truly awful person with ideas about mens wants an desires being toxic, or women being oppressed in the gaming industry

  10. You can say “just use it better “ all you want, but social media will always be the same! It’s best to delete it completely. Stop being so available to those who matter little and get out in the real world where life matters!!

  11. I would like to say thank you for the presentation and also I thank you for talking slowly as you helped with me taking notes, Some of the presenters When taking notes you have to pause every 5-10 seconds and can it become a chore.

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