Is Life Freaking You Out? The Reason People Lose Their Balance – Sadhguru

Sadhguru explains that the only reason people lose their balance is because they fail to see that the seat of their experience is within. Once you see that “the quality of my life is entirely my making and nobody else’s”, balance will happen. Once balance happens, it is possible to create many things upon this stable foundation.

Sadhguru Talks @ Darshan, Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, Dec 2013



Sadhguru: Generally all of us have about the same-sized skull, I’ll excuse the lady To a large extent most human beings have enough brain material in their head everybody – except somebody who may be severely deformed at birth, almost every average human being has what it takes to do life. But why is it that one person’s brain sparkles with genius, another person’s brain sparkles with pain and suffering and tension and stress and whatever else? All the ugliest things that nobody wants happens (happen?) in people’s minds. So is it a question of higher intelligence? Is it a question of some magical influence from somewhere? Or is it a question of bringing the necessary balance within yourself so that you become available to the magic of life? A skewed intelligence, however smart it may look on the periphery cannot make this life happen beautifully. Above all, balance is needed – balance on all levels – otherwise our very body and our very brain will function against us to a point where the only idea or the only form of relaxation today in the world – either their (the?) sleep or drink or drug. All you’re trying to do is to be brainless for a period of time because brain has become such a nuisance. If you didn’t have one you would be at least peaceful Yes. What took millions of years of evolution to achieve, today has become a nuisance. What was… What is the greatest miracle within this human frame has become a misery manufacturing machine. There’re many aspects to it, I don’t… I don’t want to make it too simplistic but above all…. above all, the most important thing is balance or lack of balance.

So this human mechanism which is the most sophisticated instrument on the planet, if you do not pay enough attention to it, if it turns against you, there is nothing here in the world which can save you because nothing is more sophisticated than this one (Referring to oneself). Because this (Referring to oneself) is of the highest level of evolution and sophistication – if this turns against you nobody can save you, I want you to know this. So if this should not turn against you, it’ll… to know the entirety of what this is, it’ll take a certain level of attention. But to bring balance to this doesn’t take too much. It is just that you’re doing a few fundamental things absolutely wrong – that’s all. To know the entirety of what this is, that’s a whole lot of attention, time, education, assistance, guidance, so many things are involved. But to bring a reasonable sense of balance into you, it doesn’t take much – you’re ta… doing a few things basically wrong with life. When I say basically wrong – one thing is for everybody to understand all human experience is generated from within. Is that so? All human experience is generated from within. So at any time if you feel happy or unhappy, miserable, joyful, ecstatic, in a… in a state of agony, doesn’t matter what happens what is your experience pleasantness or unpleasantness – just to know that it’s happening from within and it can only happen from within. You can either take external stimuli or you can create your own stimuli but essentially it happens from within. This one thing if it is not grasped – when you feel miserable, if you think it’s this one (Gestures to indicate it’s someone else, not oneself) – you’re gone. You’re just… The keyboard is here (Referring to our body) but you’re punching the wall – this’s not going to work…

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33 thoughts on “Is Life Freaking You Out? The Reason People Lose Their Balance – Sadhguru

  1. Good I watched it. I already know all of it, yes. But sometimes you just have to repeat it… It's that kind of knowledge that comes itself when you meditate, yet still I needed to hear it yet again. When life seems too much of a hassle to even think.

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