Is Consciousness the Unified Field?, John Hagelin

Progress in theoretical physics during the past decade has led to a progressively more unified understanding of the laws of nature, culminating in the recent discovery of completely unified field theories based on the superstring. These theories identify a single universal, unified field at the basis of all forms and phenomena in the universe.

At the same time, cutting-edge research in the field of neuroscience has revealed the existence of a ‘unified field of consciousness’—a fourth major state of human consciousness, which is physiologically and subjectively distinct from waking, dreaming and deep sleep. In this meditative state, a.k.a. Samadhi, the threefold structure of waking experience—the observer, the observed and the process of observation—are united in one indivisible wholeness of pure consciousness.

These parallel discoveries of a unified field of physics and a unified field of consciousness raise fundamental questions concerning the relationship between the two. We present compelling theoretical and experimental evidence that the unified field of physics and the unified field of consciousness are identical—i.e., that during the meditative state, human awareness directly experiences the unified field at the foundation of the universe.

We show that the proposed identity between pure consciousness and the unified field may be required to account for experimentally observed ‘field effects of consciousness.’ We present the published results of a National Demonstration Project—in which 4,000 advanced meditators markedly reduced violent crime in Washington, DC. We briefly discuss mechanisms from quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and superstring theory that could explain the proposed link between human neurphysiology and the unified field of physics.


30 thoughts on “Is Consciousness the Unified Field?, John Hagelin

  1. An outstanding talk. Absolutely brilliant until it comes to walking on water and saintly levitating in the air. One does not reach enlightenment or the core of all unity in order to mess with the laws of the universe at any given level of manifestation.

  2. While I intellectually understood that consciousness is a preexisting phenomenon, not produced by the mind, but is cognized and perceived by the mind, it became a living reality one day when I suddenly saw consciousness…that the relative phenomena that we normally see as just that, now became vibrations within a background of pure consciousness. Along with this I saw/realized that this reality was forever..that it always has been and always will be…uncreated and ever, eternally existant. There was nothing to worry about because life was eternal….I was infinite, I was that..that was perceiving that through me because I am That…pure consciousness.

  3. OMG. I have believed this very thing for 20 years… I'm a microbiologist specializing in genetic neurology. Finally someone said it. I have also wondered if dark energy could be consciousness and if dark matter is what will become matter from imagination that is brought into reality. Th.e latter is less likely, but I still think it likely unified field theory could be tied up with a consciousness field.

  4. When I was younger I figured out that triangle shaped puzzle game made from wood where you jump the pegs that were on the table at Waffles houses or Ihops.. Yeah thats right you PHD pinheads. Let me look into this unified field thing and give these guys some help.

  5. Everything I have seen and experienced, both in mathematics and examples of the physical world around us, points to there being infinite numbers of other universes and that the real myth is the concept of "nothingness" We tend to think there was "nothing prior" or "nothing after" but I challenge anyone to find "nothing". Even space is teaming with activity.

  6. Question Happily.Thank you John to the infinite for now I have the revelation /Epiphany of why it is said " If Quantum hasn't blow your mind You haven't understood it!" On this particle alone (me) You haven't lived in vain!

  7. What is "pure existence", stated clearly? (I saw this question bellow and decided to give my point of view!

    Stay with til the end I will be using an analogy to pass my point across!

    Imagine a [drop of water] falling in a [cup of water]!

    Think now about the [drop of water] inside of the glass and start to mixing with the ["other" pure water] already in the glass, until they are indistinguishable one from another!

    (Would help to think or mentally view the experience if first you try it with a [glass of pure water] and a [drop of colored water]! After when you became comfortable with the sequence, repeat it now with both the [drop] and the [cup of water] without any coloring, and try with you mental eye "to see" the drop mixing with the [cup of water] until the water is totally mixed!)

    Now put yourself in the role of the [drop of water] and repeat the whole experiment, but this time try to imagine "what the [drop] feels" as the experiment goes on, in special when it is totally mixed with the "other water"! (note that I meant not to mention the glass here! The glass has nothing to do with the experiment!!!)

    Last and final part! While you are the [drop] totally mixed with the "other water", reverse the time until you became again a separated [drop of water], BUT KEEP THE SENSATION OF "mixed with the other water"!


    P.S.: In your day to day actives imagine your a [drop of water] mixing/unmixing with "other persons", "other objects", "other animals", etc… BUT REMEMBER! ALWAYS KEEP THE SENSATION OF TOTALLY MIXED WITH THE "OTHER WATER"! You know the drill!!! 😉

  8. We are unable to see things as the "truly" are, as we have evolved to see the "out there" in a way that has only served our survival as a competing-species on planet Earth. Savants are a perfect example of how perception may evolve to further human understanding but as yet the overall abilities of our brightest mathematical and scientific minds have limits in not only understanding and explaining, but even comprehending Time, Space, Gravity, Light, Entropy, the Strong & Weak Nuclear forces in a unified theory of everything. Not to undermine the wonderful, brilliant & genius, fascinating & insightful efforts to date! Not at all. But it's as if we are trying to describe the scale and scope of the tower block from within the confines of flat 6 on floor 3. We just couldn't do it. Further to this, any unifying of consciousness into such theories would be likely impossible mathematically. The language doesn't exist, yet… I like to hope that as we are now atop the ecological food-chain that Darwinian Evolutionary Theory will naturally extend to the mind, and to traits of thought. So that our individual consciousness does indeed evolve to the measure of each passing nanosecond, and that individual comprehension of the "true" and the "out there" will strengthen throughout an individuals lifetime and genetically throughout their children's lifetime and so on and so forth. To encourage this potential, one must focus on education without dogmatic overtones, an international open-ended Q&A forum for people of any and all purported IQ's to ask and to inform and to postulate. Certainly from my perspective humanity must strive to at first comprehend itself in order to stand any chance of "truly" comprehending the "out there". But creation is the preamble to destruction, the epochal clock is ticking… We don't know who discovered water, but we know it wasn't a fish. ?

  9. there is no proof of a unified field, and who says there has to be, i dont think a unified field exist, but rather consciousness is evolving in many different life forms.

  10. Bubbles of universes, baby universes. Most of them are duds , some start to form.. So far only one and scientists haven't even observed how this universe bubble survived. Lol Take some serious mushrooms to come to a theory that billions of universes didn't make it and were duds.

  11. Quite an interesting topic. I wish to say, agreeing with what was presented that thought creates a vibration, subtle most, then becomes radiation (energy) and then materialization. This process endlessly repeats with scientific precision. Gayatri manthra has this latent potency, those who practised confirm its powers! Consults late Sathya Sai literature for authenticity!

  12. 16.24 min – While describing the brain chemistry, he mentioned 'The same subject' – This is outright disrespectful to the Yogis/Rishis on whom these experiment were performed . They are highly advanced spiritually enlighten human being – referring them as subject is something like doing some drug testing on some guinea pigs or rats . May be unintentional but should be avoided .

  13. What a bunch of pseudoscientific horseshit. There is literally nothing that was said here that I, as someone with a graduate degree in psychology and someone who is currently working in a neuropsych lab, is even remotely accurate or scientific. "A unified form of consciousness"? Could you please quantify that for me? What is it? How does it work? WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE? HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM USUAL CONSCIOUSNESS. WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR "OBSERVER AND THE OBSERVED TO BECOME ONE"? What is the mechanism through which this happens? How does this mechanism work? What is the empirical evidence for this mechanism? Is this mechanism compatible with current well established theories and models of neurobiology and reality? You can't answer any of these because nothing that was said in this video is remotely accurate or scientific.

  14. EPIC FAIL: At a couple of seconds after 10:50 onwards, John mentions that "…..EARTH WITH ITS 7 MILLION MUTUALLY INTERACTING SPECIES….." !!…Can you believe that after mentioning the actual word "BILLION" many, many times over, that he then goes on to make the FATAL mistake of saying that our good giant ball of water and dirt has about 7 MILLION and not in actual fact, like he SHOULD have said 7 BILLION!!! (I forgive you John, as its off my chest now) 😉

  15. I had this amazing experience several months ago that I will share as I feel it can be relevant to this presentation. There was a good bit more to what happened that I can share but here is what I felt was most relevant to what Mr. Hagelin is talking about.

    My awareness felt much larger, as in, instead of the feeling of being confined inside my physical body, I felt large, as if my awareness was about the size of the entire area I was sitting in. Very shortly after that is where it really kicked in, I had the experience of what I can best describe as the "Tao", Everything and Nothing all at the same time. I knew without a doubt, as if I had known all along, that every conscious thing was all one, that I am everything and everyone and everything and everyone is me. As I stayed in this state it continued to progress to a point where everything I knew of "me" was completely gone and all that was there was the knowing of everything and nothing, and the feeling of pure blissfulness love and peacefulness, all at the same time. Also note, this all (and more) took place in a matter of a few minutes.

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