Instant Meditation – No Technique Needed ! Guided Meditation by Guru Maa Rokmani

Instant Meditation – No Meditation Technique Needed !

Guided Meditation by Guru Maa Rokmani –

This is the best Free Guided Meditation which can be used to relax, for inner peace, and well being –

Guru Maa Rokmani is transforming lives of thousands of people around the globe. On one hand where her words are the sharpest sword which cuts through the darkness of ignorance, on the other hand her peaceful and melodious voice liberate you from your stress, anxieties, worries and miseries.

Each Meditational Discourse given by the Revered Master Guru Maa Rokmani is a pearl in the ocean of Darkness. Meditate on the Holy and Divine words of Guru Maa and see the transformation happening in you yourself.

Meditation courses –
According to Guru Maa Rokmani – We all are different; So Our Meditation techniques are also different. Learn the meditation techniques which suits you the best at


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