Inspirational self healing | Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini combines executive leadership, integrative healthcare delivery, and wellness consulting to transform organizations and improve healthcare and wellness across the globe.

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events happening around the world 👉 He is a recognized expert in Health/Wellness and an internationally acclaimed public speaker and bestselling author.


01:26 A story of Mr. Jones
04:07 Three basic rules about self-healing
09:43 Reason why you are your greatest investment
17:30 The path you are in is the right path
24:22 How visualization creates a pathway to your brain
28:34 3 motions that help you heal faster


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25 thoughts on “Inspirational self healing | Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

  1. 3:33 Action Steps
    4:20 Find a Need & Find a Solution
    Do what you Love. (Pursue Productive Passion)
    Selling; Marketing Skills.

    We are living in the world of Possibilities.

    Sometimes unconventional is the way to go.

    You are your greatest investment. Invest in the knowledge related to your passion.

  2. Awesome talk from amazing person. I've listened, learned and translated most of it into Turkish. Thank you for sharing this great knowledge. Today, before wathcing this awesome speech I've read your latest book's brief summary pdf form on my ebook reader. And soon I'll get the full copy and share the message.

  3. right habits,nice(spiritual)people relations,natural life style can glow our life with health,wealth&wonders. welcome to like minded people to global family for great&real life. universal power bless all.

  4. Dear Dr Mancini, thank you so much for this AWSOME talk and your message to us all. Many wise words and wonderful stories. I am truly grateful for all that I am and all that I have!!! Finding the purpose to serve others is my dream which I now feel I can achieve. Thank you for igniting my inner fire and desire to walk my path. With love and light, Carmen x

  5. Mancini's assessment of the Sick Care system = absolute truth.
    Iatrogenic health deterioration may be irreversible – it's endemic reality denied by the misguided perpetrators & governments protecting their incestuous relationship with Big Pharma.
    Individual responsibility in the life-threatening & other adverse health effects of Environmental degradation requires greater emphasis.

  6. This dude figured out the secret to our life bodies, everything is energy visible and invisible even our thoughts are made of energy. The human body is capable of so much, telepathy, self healing, telekinetic, and so much more which was never thought possible. The media is brainwashing out mind into believing that we are weak and helpless.

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