46 thoughts on “Inside Secrets of a Real Estate Agent

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  2. I get that there are a small handful of unethical agents out there, but this video plays like a “buyer beware” , trashing the realtor community by pointing out the bad apples that exist in every profession and making it seem like it’s a typical occurrence. If I could give two thumbs down I would

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  5. Y'all all need to CALM THE F*** DOWN. Work your ass off treat people with respect, hang on to your integrity no matter what. Same rules no matter what work you choose.

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  7. She think this is bad. Go to a stock broker, investment bank, or alternative investment firm. You will see some funny business there. At the end of the day, close the deal without your boss saying pack your stuff and GTFO.

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  9. Hey this "Inside Secrets of a Real Estate Agent" video is SUPER helpful! So I thought it would also be really helpful to compile a real estate marketing cheatsheet PDF that way you can take it and use it anytime you want or anywhere you go. You can access it totally free… Just use your facebook account and you can download it free. Hopefully this will be helpful to you guys…

  10. If you are looking to buy a home, the right Realtor or real estate agent with local knowledge can be invaluable. The hardest part is finding that person. Referrals from relatives, neighbors, and friends are one way. However, most people only make a real estate transaction once every seven years on average. Just because an agent or broker is their friend, doesn't mean they have the knowledge and experience a buyer needs. Another way to find an agent is mentioned in the above video as a negative – visit open houses, you will get to meet a few agents in person depending on how many open houses you visit, give them your contact info, and maybe find the right Realtor that knows of the right home for you. HomeQT.com uses technology to help Home Buyers find the best real estate agent. Instead of starting a home search on a real estate search portal with drop down pre-selected categories of information, home buyers use natural language to describe exactly the home they are looking to buy. The same way they would tell a friend. All agents in the area then have the ability to learn exactly what the home buyer is looking for, and can respond to the request for free with no referral fees. The agent can demonstrate their knowledge of the local area, their understanding of the buyer's needs, and directly tell the potential home buyer why they are the best agent. The buyer's name and contact information are not disclosed to agents up front, the buyer reviews all the responses, and chooses which agent(s) they would like to consider working with further. At that time, after the buyer has chosen an agent or a few agents to consider, the home buyer will contact the agent. This is great for the home buyer because they maintain their privacy until they find the best agent to help them buy a home. It is great for the real estate agent, because it allows them to have the opportunity to prove they are the best agent for the buyer with the most local knowledge, and understand exactly what type of home the buyer is looking for and where to find it. If you are a home buyer looking for the best Realtor or real estate agent or broker, please feel free to visit https://www.homeqt.com to learn more.

  11. WOW you mean real estate agents might be looking for business that does NOT involve MY house for buyers who might not be interested in my house?! WOW THIS IS NOT OK

  12. There are 3 types of people that I would love to kill in this world. Lawyers, doctors, and realtors. In my opinion their crimes are worse than murderers crimes.

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