Inside London's Hedonistic, Polyamorous Unicorn Movement

When a charismatic former alcoholic named Shaft had his life changed by Burning Man, he realized that he actually identifies as a unicorn. No longer able to face the monotony of work and life in the real world, he decided to form a polyamorous and hedonistic movement with other like-minded unicorns.

Donning glittery horns and galloping through London’s streets, Shaft’s unicorns set about trying to create a free-love utopia.

But as the unicorn revolution begins to clash with the realities of life and love, some of the “glampede” became disillusioned, and Shaft’s reasons for starting this whole thing came into question.

Is this the hedonistic, free love revolution we were promised in the 60s? Or is it as fake as the unicorn horns they wear, a desperate and clever ploy by Shaft to escape his own inner loneliness by starting a cult?

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25 thoughts on “Inside London's Hedonistic, Polyamorous Unicorn Movement

  1. Each to their own…but I cant see how dressing up like a unicorn means you love more ot brings more happiness.
    If you truly owned it you would walk out proudly…not hide it from "them"

  2. Did he just prove that polyamory is also "selfish" ……he did they answer is yes. She has a choice to be monogamous and hes mad about it because her choice takes away from his dick….fucking hate how selfish people are

  3. He keeps saying his life changed because of burning man and like music festivals…? I am calling bluff and saying it’s just the drugs and it’s really sad. All these people need help…

  4. but all power to the positive factors, they feel glam, the recovering alcoholic GONGRATULATIONS DUDE THAT ROCKS!!!, and them being what they feel they are. I don't get the whole sexual cult unicorn thing, but if they are feeling good and healthy, all power to them.

  5. I dunno. Rave party at FIVE THIRTY BEFORE GOING TO WORK? WHAT IS THIS?! What ….brought me to this video. I dunno. Life. I dunno anymore. I like that someone had a totoro-shaped backpack though. The rest. Dunno. I dunno.

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