Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 1 – Akasha

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Part one of the film Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds. Akasha is the unmanifested, the “nothing” or emptiness which fills the vacuum of space. As Einstein realized, empty space is not really empty. Saints, sages and yogis who have looked within themselves have also realized that within the emptiness is unfathomable power, a web of information or energy which connects all things. This matrix or web has been called the Logos, the Higgs Field, the Primordial OM and a thousand other names throughout history. In part one of Inner Worlds, we explore the one vibratory source that extends through all things, through the science of cymatics, the concept of the Logos, and the Vedic concept of Nada Brahma (the universe is sound or vibration). Once we realize that there is one vibratory source that is the root of all scientific and spiritual investigation, how can we say “my religion”, “my God” or “my discovery”.

Frequently asked questions about the film:

1) Where can I get a particular song or the soundtrack?

A: Much of the music is available for purchase at on various CD’s. The track “Om Shreen Hreem” is found under “Yoga” in a CD called “Universal Mother”.

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A: We whole-heartedly encourage everyone to share the existing Youtube links with their friends, embed on their website, or to create screenings for their community. I’m afraid we cannot allow you to re-upload the film to your own channel for the following reasons:

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48 thoughts on “Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 1 – Akasha

  1. Beautiful content and explanations. The energy of creation has now manifested its name in this world as Avaala, we are holding space to create a physical container to give the whole world access to this infinite creative energy.

  2. Some years ago after watching this movie I had first psychic experience which was the dawn of my spiritual life. Now as a seeker still having infinite miles to go, I owe this movie much. Thanks to the creators.

  3. Are there experiments I can do at home to see the fractal patterns vibrate? It would be useful to have YouTube links to tutorials on how to create the experiments seen in thus film.

  4. Thank u for the movie. Very informative. But i dont believe that anybody is in the space. Nobody goes to the moon, no hubble in the space, no men are in the space. Its a goverment myth. Overall is great movie!

  5. "A masterful fusion of ancient wisdom and modern modalities to reconnect the soul."
    -John Gray, author of the international bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

    Read @Gerard Armond Powell's (tag Gerard’s profile) incredible true story. Watch this book trailer and get your copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble today!

  6. "The more I read, the more puzzled I was by the order of the universe and the disorder of the human mind, by the scientists who didn’t agree on the how, the when, or the why of creation.

    Then one day this student brought me Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. Reading Kant, I began to suspect everything I was taught. I no longer believed in the known God of the Bible, but rather in the mysterious God expressed in nature.

    The basic laws of the universe are simple, but because our senses are limited, we can’t grasp them. There is a pattern in creation.

    If we look at this tree outside whose roots search beneath the pavement for water, or a flower which sends its sweet smell to the pollinating bees, or even our own selves and the inner forces that drive us to act, we can see that we all dance to a mysterious tune, and the piper who plays this melody from an inscrutable distance—whatever name we give to it —Creative Force, or God—escapes all book knowledge.

    Science is never finished because the human mind only uses a small portion of its capacity, and man’s exploration of his world is also limited.

    Creation may be spiritual in origin, but that doesn’t mean that everything created is spiritual. How can I explain such things to you? Let us accept the world is a mystery. Nature is neither solely material nor entirely spiritual.

    If we want to improve the world we cannot do it with scientific knowledge but with ideals. Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and Gandhi have done more for humanity than science has done.
    We must begin with the heart of man—with his conscience—and the values of conscience can only be manifested by selfless service to mankind.

    Religion and science go together. As I’ve said before, science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind. They are interdependent and have a common goal—the search for truth.

    Hence it is absurd for religion to proscribe Galileo or Darwin or other scientists. And it is equally absurd when scientists say that there is no God. The real scientist has faith, which does not mean that he must subscribe to a creed."
    ——–Albert Einstein

  7. Thank you very much for this wonderful, inspiring and practical series. I have been watching and meditating with some of it for about 2 years now.
    I would like to share at least one idea or more than idea born out from this.
    Akasha records. Like most people, I felt that one day, in some place…Egypt maybe? Someone would find them. But..They are available and right here. All knowledge is in our own "mind". there is no reason to find them since, anything written by others is subject to various interpretations. As our mind looses it's grip on our boxed in belief system, a flow of knowledge begins to effortlessly presents itself. There should be no effort in sharing because when the moment presents itself, we may sit with another and in ways I hardly understand, suddenly "the books open" and we both may say things as if another level of being comes into the moment, and the flow of sharing becomes unscripted and surprisingly wise. An example happened to me a few weeks ago. As I was falling asleep a thought made me want to wake up completely and let my pen in hand write itself. Not even 2 days later, in my YouTube videos suggestion I clicked on a new type of video. Robert Lanza on Biocentrism. R.L. Is a biologist and Nobel prize winner for work on stem cells. What I had written 2 days before was exactly the same as the concept of Biocentrism. At least in it's central theme. In a way, what many call God is…"the Kingdom within" Consciousness. The Sanskrit word Atman, Self with a capital S, is ONE, and we are THAT. As all our cells make the human form, each of us make one Atman with one consciousness.

  8. For first time Im watching this video,in the beginning of it you said something,that it happened to me around 18 years ago in a kind of a dream but I wasn't sleepingI never understood what is it,or how can I say it,thanks so much for this video,and your clear explanation.

  9. Lord Shiva Nataraja is known in hindu mythology as a skilled dancer. He is also the god of sleep, a trickster , sometimes half male and half female, with numerous avatara.

  10. When you begin to understand sacred geometry, fractals, spirals , Phi and Pi, the Fibonacchi affects as well as sound waves, it allows many mysteries to unfold, like magic. It opens up the Akasha and the realization of our Soul Journey and Inner Journey

  11. It would be a matter of shame if after a few hundred years scientists experimentally conclude the same thing that ancient yogis said without any technology

  12. Obviously documentary indicates the curiosity of ancient people to connect themselves with universe-—or creator as they used to believe—- by way of spirituality or belief system, unfortunately their brain was not sufficiently evolved to absorb and elaborate or rather explain them their unique experiences that might have been as a result of their endeavor to connect themselves with creator or universe

  13. when there was no religion there was sanatan dharma ….i.e one and only dharma…..which applies on all…which gave guaidance to all…to know themselves ….there was no method of praying to praising god….all methods are acceptable…no hatred ….no unequality….but after thousand of years…..supremenesss…..arrives and everythinh changes.

  14. Mass accumulation created Earth from particles in the Cosmos. Which the atomic collective conducted magnetic forces pulling them into ball shaped planets. Gases created massive heat turning some into ? Suns. How simple the truth is. The mass particles are as a female not a Male. The two which mated under circumstances of attraction of particles the mass of gases and vapors are the male particles which mate the elements together flowing within the solids. This is God it has the personality of which varies as Universes also vary. Mass of particles conducting to much heat explode making changes. The current of movement is caused by the gases n babies connecting within a mass which spins in magnetic and creates polarization. As a spoon will spin water within a puddle. Any autistic person proves this to themselves without other human interception. Religion is a repeat of an act. Geez US

  15. The Key to the Universe;
    Revelation One Nineteen
    Write down a brief account of your day, your problems that day, and a list of tasks to do the next day.
    ©1985 Paul Noblin

    Read Rev.1:19 (KJV).
    Write down the past, present, and future.
    Align your inside mind with the outside world (Reality including Christ), and you will be one with All.
    You are the center of your own Universe.
    Telepath Love & Perfection.
    Reprogram yourself.

    Warm Regards… Paul.

  16. Nope. Demonic crap. Lord Jesus is coming to kick some demon butt and save His children. Ya’ll have no idea Who you are messing with. Repent! The kingdom of heaven is nigh!

  17. Your video is beautiful. The bible says much of what you say, and I'm grateful you represented it throughout your work. You described the Kosmos (orderly arrangement), and you also described a word called prohorizo (the boundary that separates light and darkness). The bible is often misrepresented as a book about free will and you choose Christ, but it only makes sense if you look at God sovereign over everything including our choice. I know 99.9% of Christians would disagree with me on this, but according to the bible, we just are as God decides (hope that made sense). Christians like to think they have control and are made to believe that way, but God says he is in control…Romans 8:29-30 (plus many other verses, but wow is there a lot packed into this verse).

  18. 2 Things wrong with the video. 1. "Big Bang Theory" as taught by the Matrix itself. 2. People thinking "Awakening" is about saying "Namaste." Most of these "Awakened" people don't have the patience to read a book or stay off social media or drugs for less than 24 hours… Just saying. If anything, we deserve enslavement. If ANY average Joe had the opportunity to become a dictator, he would take it.

  19. uh… Sorry to break it to you,but am i the only one who thinks all these spiritual stuff is bullshit?

    if somebody replys he will probably tell me that thats the truth and i am a sheep for following actuall physics

  20. This "work" is so very important. Listen very carefully: Light and Consciousness are one and the same thing. From zero degrees to 360 degrees… moving on into tensors. Radiance, true atomic radiance from the nuclear centre of every atom. Make the assumption. G.O.D. is both immanent and transcendence. Due to our 'human' limited senses, one must come to understand there is and will be far more about the nature of the Universe and Its Consciousness than we as human beings can or ever will fully understand. Sri Sri Ramakrishna said: "There is the sugar; there is the one who is tasting the sugar and there is the act of tasting the sugar. Just between you and me, I'd rather be the one tasting the sugar." Sincerely, Rt. Rev. Charles Vincent Davis, A.T.O.M. Dec. 10th, 2017 AD

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