India SWOT Analysis Part 1 – Strengths and Weaknesses – Dr. Kiran Bedi with Sadhguru

Using an exercise from corporate management, Kiran Bedi asks Sadhguru to address India’s strengths and weaknesses as a nation.

Recorded live on June 6, 2014, during the “In Conversation with the Mystic” event with Dr. Kiran Bedi and Sadhguru.

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Kiran Bedi: When you analyze the making of a nation, its making of an organization making of a nation, one of the first few things we do is a SWOT analysis. We do strengths, we do weaknesses, we do opportunities and we do threats. Any making of an organization or a nation. I thought let me put across to you – what is the SWOT analysis of making of a nation, let’s say Bharat, India. What are the strengths of India, what are the weaknesses of India, what are the opportunities we have and what are the threats we need to…Let’s first look at the strengths of India.

Sadhguru: I would bring it down further to an individual. What is needed to build a successful individual, the same things are needed to build a successful nation, it’s not any different (Laughs) (Applause).

Kiran Bedi: Right. Yes.

Sadhguru: If one knows how to build a successful human being of himself in every way – when I say successful, not that just you made money, not just that you get a ranking, not that you just got elected, no. A successful human being means in every way you’re complete. If you make this, you… the same replica is for the nation, in the sense if want to be a good human being to start with all your four limbs should be limbered up and nice, strong and fine.

The four limbs of a nation is just this – the executive, the judiciary, the military and the civil services – all of them must be limbered up and agile. We must do some yoga with all of them. We must knead them. They have all become, you know if you can’t fold your elbow, your elbow stuck here, your this thing is stuck here – these are useless limbs. When you have pain in your limbs, you’ll wish you did not have those limbs, isn’t it (Laughs)? That’s what is happening right now. We wish we did not have them many times because they’ve become such a pain. So keeping them limbered up, these four limbs is very important and the five senses must be on (Laughs). Five senses of… See, always a nation will be successful only when people’s aspirations are kept alive. If people lose their aspiration, it’s a finished nation, okay.

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18 thoughts on “India SWOT Analysis Part 1 – Strengths and Weaknesses – Dr. Kiran Bedi with Sadhguru

  1. We seriously need to change the way we percept things..
    History told to us has been written by an English thought pregnated into Indian mind.
    I completely agree with Sadhguru that we have failed at taking pride in ourselves.. when settling in western countries has become the ultimate goal of an growing youngster..what to take pride !!

  2. Guruji Naman
    1947 India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were a single country and used to call Bharat. British imperialism had ruled the country and left it with making three pieces and unsettling type of Kashmir dispute on the region. Indians and Pakistanis are fighting and killing their brothers and sister on the name of imposed nationalism of divided country. The Kashmir Issue of India and Pakistan is not their only internal issue but also the legacy of imperialism that imperialists do not let them to come to an agreement and unite. If the nuclear power India and Pakistan come in one place as a family in reality it will be a great threat to China, Europe and USA also. All these super power forces are playing the game against the Indo –Pak relation unfortunately Indians and Pakistani are calling it a sovereign nationality and killing each other. It is not nationality it is an imposed crush by the imperialists. Entire integrated, respective identity of entire eight nations in a single unity and nationality as a south Asia is the theme of Myuree Mahal. The book has clearly defined and analyzed the south Asian Culture and elements of unity very scientifically and empirically. #MAYUREE_MAHAL

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