Increase Your Oxygen Uptake 50%
A fun intro to Nei Gong exercises called Ape Arms.
Intro level to Qi Gong, Nei Gong, & Dao Yin exercises.
With this exercise you can increase your Oxygen uptake by 50%. Perform 100-500 times per day. Takes 3-10 minutes.


36 thoughts on “Increase Your Oxygen Uptake 50%

  1. 7 Years Ago. I am Honored that this vid has helped so many people. The fact that you have responded is beyond comprehension for me. I am Amazed that you took the time to type back. Thank you. I appreciate you all.

  2. Thanks for this video…I've been looking for tips to increase my lung capacity. I started swimming and find that I'm not able to make the 25m length. I'm out of air and dying frequently. I will certainly be trying this… as well as some diaphragmatic breathing.. Looking fwd to your other videos. You've got another subscriber👍👏

  3. Can't believe it ! Have been so sick with my sinus issues plus shoulder pain. Been for years on steroids for the sinus and painkillers for the shoulder. After 2 weeks of this exercise, there is so much improvement. Giving up my steroids for good ! Thank you so much Eric Sherrell !

  4. What are you doing with your breathing while you are swinging your arms? I mean a person could be holding their breath while doing this.

  5. I was feeling rather lethargic and after I did this only 40 times I suddenly felt more alert. I’m hoping it’s going to help me with this constant tiredness i feel. Thank you.

  6. With this musty air from the ac and All these people coughing spewing out infection It takes more than 100 repetitions. But it does help health wisr although I don't sense it in opening the air passages. I close down to a lot of irritations since getting the breath of an alleged Kosovo man in and got infected from him me in middle March2000 in Bad Reichenhall Germany. My senses are scewed because I am attempting to feel my way through these different combined sick symptoms with an unclear weak and tired feeling in the head, very sore passage ways, ear and nose congestion.

  7. beautiful stuff, thank you. I started searching for a way to in increase lung capacity without doing cardio, since I’m now using Whole Body Vibration/Oscillation for muscle toning instead of cardio activity, and I was missing the lung workout cardio gives.

  8. Hi the universe has my back. I’m no antibiotics for severe bronchitis looking for alternative and here you come along sweet angel with this exercise and voila ask and you shall receive says the good lord Well here you are TY Much Love Gina ❤️❄️

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