In Conversation with the Mystic – 19 Feb – Seemantinee Khot & Jacques Rocher with Sadhguru

Recorded Live on 19th February 2012 — 3 pm from Isha Yoga Center, India
Most environmental damage is caused by the manufacturing, usage and consumption of industrial products. How can corporate organizations become active partners of the government and society to bring about much needed value shifts and changes in our approach toward sustainability? Seemantinee Khot Head of Suzlon Foundation, Suzlon Group of Companies and Jacques Rocher Director of Sustainable Development of Yves Rocher Group and President of Yves Rocher Foundation conversed with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on ‘The Business of Environment’.

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Earthy Sense

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37 thoughts on “In Conversation with the Mystic – 19 Feb – Seemantinee Khot & Jacques Rocher with Sadhguru

  1. If there are too many young people in India because too many people are procreating, then maybe arranged marriages should be stopped. Why are young children being "married" or promised to a spouse when they are eight years of age, and then are being handed over to be married at age 14. Just because a girl gets her period or begins menstruation does not mean she is ready to be married or to have children. She is still a girl. In America 18 is the legal age, and then children to go school and learn some type of skill or trade so that they can support themselves, and then when they know they can support a family and themselves do they get married which is usually in their early- to mid-20s. When girls are married off so young, what can a country expect but mass procreation. That is all there is for a person to do then? This is not hard to figure out. And let people marry who they want and out of love and not out of an arranged marriage that their parent arranged and made for them.

  2. ……………nice topic and kudos sadguru …………you are doing a good jobreducing population is in hands of each individual ……… this can be taken care of without laws…………but throw the religion coming in between……………….

  3. I know I will do more good work's, Everyday My Life. It is such a Blessing to hear this talk. It's 3:00 am when I started listening, but feel refreshed and ready for a new day in the Waking Dream

  4. Seemantinee Khot has stated that "Responsible business is CSR" Sadhguru rightly pointed at it as a new definition of CSR. And she continues, "In Suzlon's case it is much easier to do it."
    Just listen to the video from 55.00 minutes onward.
    This lady has mugged up some bookish definition before came to session.
    A spiritual guru has more depth than a so called CSR professional. If you can watch the talk from 50 minutes you can enjoy the folly of CSR wisdom from the CSR Suzlon rep.
    "Suz-lon" – finding new ideas. That is what is missing i guess.
    Lots of gr8 and creative suggestions and recommendations from Jaggi. Watch if you are a CSR curious soul.

  5. We are developing swiftly and this Modern life is giving us facilities and luxuries and only those are enjoying who can afford it, rest of masses suffering from polluted water and ailments…….but on the cost of 80% diseases.All the synthetics and chemicals are hazardous to human ,environment and mother earth. We all well educated ,researchers and educationalists are telling the people about the benefits of this modern way of living but not the side effects and cost.Environmental and health ,spiritual sciences are revealing the truth of this fake modern life ,this modern culture producing 80 % diseases and killing million of human annually ……….I would like to say ,this is the fake living of life…we are just killing our natural resources and human.Some idiots want to control this globe through making a earth pollute ,weaken the humans and make slaves……

  6. Sharol Tilgner>>>> What a responsible kind of thinking when it comes to the question about having children or not. Many people do it for egoistic purposes. Here I think of for example men saying that they MUST have children for the sake of their identity as a man. I haven´t yet heard women use that argument(excuse) but rather say that they can´t live without people in their life that they love. That argument I can accept and understand. But what I think is most important is that we humans realize that we are not more important than any other living being on the planet….

  7. sadhguru is selling vaishnav he is fake. tamilnadu innocent population is betrated. but mother nature want be betrayed. you will your reward Anyway. your jew excersises will fail at the end.

  8. mother nature can take care of it self in much better way. small wind mill and solar energy is nothing compared to sun and atmosphere. practise your authority on ice area. go above 45degree latitude. where earth is uncultivated. think of your land and your waste land. quit subcontinent.

  9. be eco freindly with your withered desert area. think of desert furtility. quit. jew make your desert eco freindly practise area. donot beg cake from all. have some self respect.

  10. why jew have to cheat dress on oriental to disguise vaishnavas? what will they plant will wither in no time. though eco friendly is just the word trick word to trick innocent people. keep them off ftom the devta land. leave quit your sick law for your land. quit. locals are more eco responsible then them.

  11. In the states they have air rights. When they put up the wind mill it could be considered air rights that way they have sold the right for the wind mill but not taking the whole piece of land.

  12. Sadhguru is totally spot on to suggest that we need to think of the whole earth as ours. We shouldn't view it merely in human terms, nor look at only narrow regional interests.

  13. media don't follow people like this just for nothing ha ha ha ha they have instruction from the top ha ha ha after asaram this guy will take on hindus for the wild ride lol

    In my opinion mankind is a dead man walking.  On this trajectory we have zero chance of survival.  Just too many things converging and extinction looms.  Many scientists say it is so.  Many many things all coming together.
    The only thing that would make a difference is if a way was discovered to awaken a human being very very quickly.  For instance in a single weekend.  Currently there is no such way, and there are not many gurus / teachers who are even able to discuss such a thing.  Mostly they teach old yoga from 2000 years ago, without researching radical new methods.
    If the gurus/ masters cannot work together, how can an ordinary human being.
    Well, this seems to me to be the only way.
    In fact many Western people are hungry for awakening … but the usual explanations and techniques are too old and too slow and too stupid.
    The gurus / masters should come up with a radical new way.
    With diagrams and clear explanations of HOW.
    That is the only thing that will save the human race.
    Mankind has perhaps 50-150 years left.

  15. We need to understand that there are too many people on the planet. I decided when very young that not having children was the number one thing I could do to improve the planet. There was no amount of reusing, conserving or recycling that I could do which would come close to how much I could improve the planet by not having a child. The only real thing that would support the planet would be if I did not have a child. I am in my 50's now and have not had a child. I have not missed out on anything. In fact it gave me more time to enjoy other things on the planet. I would ask young women to consider if they really need children. Examine your reasons for having children. The reasons are probably not your own, but those of your family and society. 
    Besides not having children, I have planted trees everywhere I have moved. I get great joy when I plant trees. I have owned both farms and small properties in town. Every place I have lived, I have planted trees to the capacity of the property and my physical abilities. Although I have done other things in my life that people consider to be achievements, these things are not remotely important compared to the fact that I have not added children to the planet and my continuous planting of trees. I am overjoyed to hear Sadhguru discuss how important it is to consciously decrease the planets people population by choosing to not have children. I am also thankful to him and all of us who plant trees. I would like to see every person who takes the time and energy to complain about the environment, to take the time and energy they spend complaining and reroute it to use it to plant a tree or other vegetation.

  16. There are so many youths like me who are not getting any good opportunities in India and moving west. Why can't the youth of India given more opportunities??

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