Improvising Spiritual Awakening Or Making Sh*t Up As I Go Along, NB Hangs Up On Caller

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47 thoughts on “Improvising Spiritual Awakening Or Making Sh*t Up As I Go Along, NB Hangs Up On Caller

  1. there is no energy at all. He is a scammer, and not smart enough to stay with his own made up teachings. That is all. And people pay him because they are as stupid as he and his crew are.

  2. This intelligent young man blew nature nuts whole philosophy in 20 seconds @9:35

    Nature nut claims you can’t be happy in prison because you have a “limited capacity” in there, but also claims that all is mental. You ARE contradicting yourself nature nut, when it suits you.

  3. Nature whore teaches pseudoscience. He teaches rudimentary Science. He takes what others say on the internet and writes quotes. First, he is a God, then, a Demigod. You, dumbass. Being a god is a metaphor. We can create life, destroy life, control our lives. There is no God, or, Jesus. This is why you can pretend to be them.

  4. Unfortunately, the caller allowed himself to be moved away from his original question, allowing Bishop to distract him and deliberately change the emphasis of the initial line of conversation. The fact that such a sensitive young man as he appeared to be actually called Bishop in the first place is alarming on so many levels. It is very clear Bishop has no intention of addressing this critical contradiction in his, for want of a better word…"Life". It appears Bishop (Natureboy) did not, is not and evidently never will live an exemplary (divinely righteous) life. Be that as it may, the question the caller asked is an incredibly relevant and valid one. Bishop brutishly pursued the irrelevance of whether one's spiritual refinement and development is limited by being held in prison. Not only is the experience of carnal life for human beings, somewhat like prison – But the fact is, some of the most powerful individuals in history, spent incredibly large amounts of time incarcerated in Babylonian prison's. Bishop is unequivocally INCORRECT in suggesting otherwise – The mind and it's ensuing psychology is not primarily governed by external physicality but by unseen divine influences. – Someone claiming to be the Messiah would immediately recognize this principled fact and certainly not emphatically dispute it as Bishop did. History has proven shown that certain genuine individuals can "remain positive" whilst in incredibly so called, "negative environments" – Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Joan of Ark and supposedly the embodiment of Christ itself, are but a few shining examples of this fact. The point is, Bishop is not in prison. Nor is he, as he suggests, living in the "negative conditions produced by Babylon". He is supposedly living in and "proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven" on earth. So exactly why is the "Messiah", demonstrating such an evidently contradictory and perverse life? Why then does his behaviour appear to be the antithesis of "Christ" – That is to say so "demonic". Why do people run from him, having been directly influenced by "god", lived with "god"and been taught by "god" himself? Why does his teaching weigh so heavily on the Carnal (Babylonian mindset) attributes of life and not the unseen divine/righteous influences (occult)? Where is the evidence of these new divine influences NOW actually flowing through the planet? That's the question the intimidated caller was not allowed to ask – Ironically by cutting the caller off, Bishop did answer the question and has brought a new meaning to the words…"and even the blind will see". No so called Messiah would treat another innocent, sincere and genuine human inquiry, in such a insensitive and deviant manner – And to do so, not only did Bishop convict himself, it is also further damning confirmationof the inherent spiritual crisis of these times.

  5. This boy talkin about the bible but he dnt know how to treat ppl he can't tel me nothin cause he dnt know how to practice wht he preach he cant do it cause he have a evil spirit

  6. he is the ego,the clown shit but he speaking/teaching facts
    .take what you can from him and MOVE ON eye am .DOnt let his/your/the ego outshine the knowledge once you know know you have no excuse Keep Seeking once you tire of the circus PEACE

  7. If I am god and I am me and you are me vibrating higher then I’m telling you which is me that you need psychiatric help and you who is me is telling you to dismantle carbon nation and get committed to a psychiatric ward long term and make sure you get your meds.

  8. This Aquarius guy got to him just like the Majesty girl did. Idk why he hung up when he had valid points and wasn't being disrespectful. NB just hates being outwitted publicly.

  9. Well let's you a question are you limited to your environment without Babylon tech. You would be lost.You need our resources I don't know how in the hell can people listen to him he is not my god I would never worship a man one that claim to be Jesus of Zeus lol more like Zeus he had gay tenancy

  10. I screamed @ or making ish up as I go along. Me to my kids: if I am God and you were….. you which is you , you would do them dishes before I ask. Per Google it's all congruent!

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