I Cut My Sleep To 5 Hours Using This Weird Method

I’ve slept my whole life one way, but is there a better way?

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35 thoughts on “I Cut My Sleep To 5 Hours Using This Weird Method

  1. So I basically did this throughout my high school career?? I would get 3-5 hours of sleep at night because I could never fall asleep before 12 and had to get up at 5:45 in the morning. I would be so tired during the day that I would take naps during class and once I got home I would take a 1-4 hour nap

  2. Could it be tiredness or low energy. I mean sleeping does give you energy but more importantly I feel like we should look at what we put in our body as well. This can effect how we function in general no matter how long we sleep. We are so use to things to the point where we are not aware of issues or we make poor judgements. Maybe we don't care enough about these things.

  3. You know i wanna say something
    Its just weird
    Cause i have done it for 3 month and i didnt face with any problem
    I think they are putting this idea in your mind
    And to be honest my creativity was kickin
    But my memory was little out of way !
    And i was more laughing and enjoying 😂😋

  4. One time I didn't sleep because I went to a gaming computer shop and played PUBG from 7pm to 7am, then in the morning I had to go home and went to school, I felt energized somehow, that feeling when you really want to do everything fast, then in the afternoon, poof, slept from 1pm to 8pm non stop.

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