"I Am Patient" Affirmation | Relaxing Guitar Meditation Music With ASMR Clock & Nature Sounds

♥ Close your eyes and mentally repeat this affirmation for the duration of the music (10 minutes) ♥

“Patience and time are my warriors!”

…were the words of Commander-in-Chief Kutuzov in Tolstoy’s “War And Peace”, as he reflected on the results of the bloody Battle of Borodino in 1812 where both his Russian Army and the enemy French suffered heavily. He needed to wait and see if there’s evidence that Napoleon’s Grand Armée was fatally wounded in that battle before fighting on and risk losing more of his men. Tolstoy continues:

“He knew that you shouldn’t pick an apple while it’s still green. It will fall off by itself when it’s ripe, but if you pluck it before it’s ripe then you’ll spoil the apple and damage the tree, and set your teeth on edge.”

We live in an age of technology that helps us save precious time – from smartphone apps to high-speed trains. We value convenience. We want instant gratification. It’s no wonder we’re often frustrated or stressed when we aren’t seeing results straight away!

When it comes to healing, it’s especially important to realise that we are all healing at our own pace. There’s really no deadline or any set amount of time it “should” take to heal. By trying to take the shortcut by distracting ourselves and not facing our feelings, we may only be delaying our healing, and the problems we are trying to avoid will just keep resurfacing!

Patience is not only about realising that the fruit won’t bear on the same day as you plant the seeds. It also has to do with how we choose to respond to people who are acting in a way which we believe “shouldn’t” be. For example, if someone is making us angry, annoyed or upset, instead of reacting and fighting back, we can choose to notice these emotions and accept that they are there. Instead of taking things personally, we can choose to be compassionate and understanding. Who knows, perhaps we are unaware that these people, who are also human beings, are going through difficult times which might explain their behaviour.

So whether we’re on a healing journey, building a career, learning to play a musical instrument or a new language, or waiting for our true love to manifest him/herself – the next time we notice ourselves getting frustrated we can just take a deep breath, meditate and accept where we are. Trust that the sweet, juicy apple will fall off the tree when it’s ripe!

* * * * * * *

How To Heal Harmonically With Our Affirmation Meditations!

-Each 10-minute meditation video is titled with an affirmation.
-Select an affirmation which resonates with you today.
-Stand in front of a mirror or sit comfortably with your eyes closed.
-Repeat your chosen affirmation to yourself either out loud or internally for the duration of the video.
-Alternatively, you can simply surrender to the healing music and be aware of any thoughts and feelings in the present moment.
-Let go of any judgement or expectations. However you’re feeling at the time is OK.
-Afterwards, thank yourself for showing up and spending time with yourself!

Our non-guided meditations focus on using your own voice and imagination to encourage self-reliance and build your inner strength with the aid of healing music.

Music by the Heal Harmonic Orchestra © 2019


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