Human Evolution | The Anunnaki Intervention : Documentary – HD

Since the time of Darwin questions of human evolution have fascinated scientists. When did humans learn to speak, and ask question; think in abstract terms, and perform feats of engineering. When did humans learn to archive and build their collective knowledge.

It is clear that a gap exists in our understanding of human progress around the planet. How did ancient humans make such a phenomenal leap forward in agronomy? How did that advance reach the far corners of the world with such rapidity? Where science can only identify the gap, ancient texts and ancestral memories propose an answer.

Native American mythologies speak of an external intervention in human progress. The Mohicans speak of a non-human entity that coached their ancestors in a time when their survival on the planet was fragile. The Cherokee people tell of beings from the Pleiades arriving in egg-shaped craft, and living among them to teach them agronomy and fundamentals of civilization.

External intervention is the story of Zulu beginnings, Mayan mythology, Babylonian and Sumerian narratives. All speak of non-human beings appearing and teaching our distant ancestors new technologies for farming and all the rudiments of civilization.


27 thoughts on “Human Evolution | The Anunnaki Intervention : Documentary – HD

  1. Evolution nor life from chemicals cannot be proven in a lab. It is not scientific. What can be proven is changes to existing life caused from our environment. I would think that the aliens had the capability to create life. If we should survive long enough, we will be able to create life.

  2. Does these " reset " in human civilisation have some connection with what is described as the 4 "Yuga " in hindhu mythology?..It says after every 8000 years or something there occour a shift in human consciousness …out of the 4 yuga the last one is "sathya yuga" (truth age ) where all human minda will be connect meaning a universal consciousness . This might be what is also written in the Holy Bible in the text of Relevations……I see a new earth and heaven…..There is no more suffering….God dwells amoung us…Etc….Etc….

  3. Those that from the sky came, called Malakh, or Malah. These are the ones you see in Assyria, on the walls, the Humans with wings. Malakh, stands for Navigator. Malakh Shmaiana is navigator or the sky. Also known as Anunnaki. I personally think it might have been Anu Nash, there might be a mispronunciation here. Malakh is what the bible calls the angels and are described as beings that have wings and can fly. The Anunnaki are portrayed as beings with wings. This does not mean that they actually had wings, it means that these beings had the capability of flight. Perhaps it was easier for the sculptures to draw humans with wings, than to draw the actual space crafts that the Anu Nash, or Anunnaki came to earth with. Or it could be that they were forbidden from drawing the space crafts and were instructed to use other methods of portraying that these beings had the technology of flight. I personally believe there is more knowledge written in the cuneiform that were discovered in ancient Assyria that needs to be made public, until today the only translations that are made public are just the basics, names of kings, names of cities and some other basic stories. The actual knowledge of Mathematics, Medicine, astronomy and many more sciences still needs to be translated properly and made public.

  4. From what I know then Alien means simpley "Unknown life form" and I can belive in Aliens on this topic.
    But Extraterrestrial means life form outsite our Solarsytem and that's the point that I cant follow!

  5. we all know of at least 2 catastrophic events in our ancient past. the great flood and the great ice age. these can be interpreted as resets. many scientists have investigated the polar frost and ice in Antarctica, it is well documented the many melts and freezing periods in our very distant past. That still does not explain what happened to speed up our technology that we as humans have achieved more in a mere few hundred years then in the millions of years this planet has existed…intervention from afar is a logical assumption.

  6. The reset happens 4 times over 25920 years, every 6480 years. We are coming to the end of another 6480 year reset in 2027. The reset occurs every time we cross the dark rift situated within the centre of the galactic current sheet. It's the trigger point for grand catastrophic events.

  7. The possibility of endless projects/programmes enlisted by a super entity is amongst translations thought by many independent researchers..

    It does raise the intrigue to how many experiments existed in total..
    And how many more are due?

    Much species appear to be hybrids.. such appears suspect today… as for Kangaroo possibly?

  8. 70 years before 1950 there was fuck all invented and really nothing that you would sit back a go wow I can't believe it then 70 years after 1950 have a good look at how Far we have come with technology now what the fuck is going on, please give me a answer to this sudden advancement of technology because nothing about how this was achieved makes any sense considering what was achieved 70 years prior

  9. Yeah we certainly never evolved from apes as apes are all exactly the same looking depending on the species as is everything els on earth exrpt humans..meaning were unique and not from this earth but have been brought here by intelligent biengs or God as its mostly known..we bin lied to while schooling and why is my big question because i just know it cant be as we were taught..humans popped up in a verry short time as compared to how long evolution wudda taken..another thing is we all know Jesus was seen accending and decending on or in a cloud and we know today that aliens use cloud tech for cloaking 😉..and who wer these verry clever ppl of God..the Anunaki ofcourse..everything points to the time when they were on earth and used there dna to create the homo sapien to mine gold for there verry important need as there planet "Nibiru" has atmospheric problems and gold is dispersed in a verry fine powder form into there atmospere to act as a shield whenever Nibiru passes verry closely past our sun and whatever els it passes while in its 3600 yr orbit of our sun..because they wer so smart and could actualy fly and engineer with such precission humans saw them as Gods..they wer our creators deffo..peace✌😉

  10. Paul, your videos really are the most thought provoking videos on this subject out there. Your 's are the most clearly understood narrative in the way you explain and break down the theories, and in joining up the dots. Excellent Paul. This one has got to be one of your best.

  11. You are the past. My D.N.A is the future!!! Dont you get it, science will create an enhanced race that will erase you all, well that and an A.I. fucking greek humo habilis soon it will happen. You will never reach year million.

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