Hucolo :: Guided Meditation #3 Jim Charles. September 17, 2015

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We’re an open-minded, open-hearted community of Lightworkers, Channelers and Awakened Souls assisting each other in traversing the spiritual pathways. Our intention is to help raise the vibrations of this planet and humanity’s collective consciousness. 

We work with Girk Fitneer (Galactic Alliance), of benevolent extraterrestrials who have been assisting our planet with stabilizing severe weather, magnetic poles and more. They’ve established colonies in the stars to help us in our individual and collective spiritual growth. They’re teaching us telepathy, healing and Galactic Reiki, channeling and more. 

Girk Fitneer include following civilizations:
Yahyel, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Arcturians, Fendorians, Sirians and Friendly Reptilians.

Girk Fitneer and other Star Alliances understand Earth is on the path to Ascension; they’re actually working towards establishing First Open Contact with our galactic families, once we ready ourselves as a collective. By working together, raising the frequencies and rediscovering our True Selves’ connection to all, we’re able to help quicken our Planetary Ascension.

We are in contact with extraterrestrials and angels via telepathic contact called “channeling”. Our community have more then 10 channelers and the number of channelers is growing. The art of channeling is ancient and we are bringing it to the public.

Equally important is the development of diplomatic relationships with extraterrestrials. We have established working relationships with friendly extraterrestrials and develop visitation programs for humans to visit their ships and worlds. We aim to establish settlements of humans in alien worlds and call them Human Colonies (Hucolo). We promote the awakening of the public to the existence of extraterrestrials. We work to bring closer the time of Open Public Contact with the extraterrestrials and prepare the public for the work after the open contact. Much work will be needed to help fellow humans integrate extraterrestrials into their worldview and to cooperate productively with them.

Our mission is:

Facilitate ascension:

• To spread this knowledge to the humanity and support it in the ascension process.

Facilitate the contact:

• To develop the contact with extraterrestrials.
• To expand channeled communication with extraterrestrials.
• To expand our knowledge about extraterrestrials, dimensions and hybrids.
• To represent the humanity to the galaxy..

Help people:

• To provide support to lightworkers, hybrids, starseeds, contactees, abductees, channelers, speakers of galactic languages.
• Help lightworkers to connect to each other.
• Help to communicate with galactic friends via channeling and directly.
• Help the development of telepathy and psychic abilities and this way to help the ascension process.

Spread the knowledge:

• Collect the knowledge and expanding the dialogue with galactic people via channeling, astral and physical visits.
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6 thoughts on “Hucolo :: Guided Meditation #3 Jim Charles. September 17, 2015

  1. Thank you Jim Charles, HUCOLO friends and light workers. Much love and gratitude to all.
    I like to anchor my own energies of love into the soul of Mother Earth so that we may exist as one united energy, merging and exchanging valuable Creator energy to aid our spiritual development but also the ascension of humanity. I express my love to Mother Earth for her constant loving presence and ask that I am able to adopt a constant loving presence on the Earth as a reflection of Mother Earth's divine soul and pure qualities. Mother Earth as I send my healing energies to you now I honor, respect and love you with all my heart soul, recognizing you as the Creator on the Earth. Let my bonds and appreciation of the Earth, Mother Earth, the nature kingdom and spirits increase with each day as I extend the love of my soul to you all. Thank you. Peace love harmony and joy.

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