How Your Body Transforms On A Vegan Diet

Looking at 8 clinical trials and a dozen of other studies on vegans we take a look through time at what changes you can expect and when as well as some hurdles and myths. Part 2:–L9tDk
– Links and Sources – – @micthevegan

My Whole Food Vegan Video:

Milk and Hormone Manipulation:

Inflammation Response After Egg and Sausage Meal:

Click to access zdc2281.pdf

Beyonce Diet Gas Article:

Increase Bean Consumption Symptoms Study:

Click to access 1475-2891-10-128.pdf

Discomfort Stopped after 24-48 hours study:

Legumes and Survival:

Vegan Gut Type:

Click to access nutrients-06-04822.pdf

Enterotypes and Foods:

Click to access Science2011Wu..pdf

Vegan Gut / TMAO Study:

Vegans More Regular Poopers Oxford Study:

3 Week Artery Clearing Dietary Trial:

Click to access JFP_06307_Article1.pdf

Vegan Protein Levels Are Higher Study:

12 Weeks Diabetics Gone Vegan Trial:

14 Week Obesity Weight Loss Vegan Study:

16 Week Vegan Migraines Study:

16 Week Office Worksite Study:

Click to access ejcn201392a.pdf

22 Week Vegan Diabetes Trial:

Click to access Diabetes-Care.pdf

22 Week Workplace Vegan Trial – Productivity, etc.:

24 Week Vegan Keto Dietary Trial:

Vegans 16% less cancer:

Vegan Less Mortality:

Vegan Diabetes:

Vegans 10% less Hypothyroidism:

Vegan 63% less Hypertension:

Vegan Less Heart Disease:


41 thoughts on “How Your Body Transforms On A Vegan Diet

  1. I’m new to this channel and have been a vegetarian for over a year after watching documentary ‘earthlings’. I gained weight as a result assuming because of increase of carbs. I’m currently doing intermittent fasting OMAD and attempted to do low carb vegetarian when eating but think I now want to eliminate dairy too but struggle with what to eat and finding it unsustainable. Have about 15 pounds to lose. Anyone please have any advice on this subject?

  2. I have one problem with your video, when you talk about diabetes. All diabetes is is your blood cells soaked in bad fat disabling sugar from entering your cells for normal sugar use. carbs are GOOD, and actually give you energy. so saying, "X" percent less blood sugar. has a terrible message to me. sugar needs to be absorbed and used which a animal based diet disables. careful what you say.

  3. The age at which a person transitions to vegan affects your overall reaction to it. With me, I was mostly vegetarian for years but then I'd slip up and revert to eating meat because I could not adequately explain to my family why I was being in their words "so difficult". But reverting even though I refused dairy as dairy makes my joints scream in pain, on this I would not budge and as my husband would try vegan ice cream and figured it was not all bad, he conceded. After his cancer surgery, I asked him, "Doing it your way got you cancer, and if you don't change at least some of what you do, you can pretty well figure that cancer will attack another organ." (He had prostate cancer). When I cook, he eats vegan at home as I won't cook meat. I won't eat it when I am out, getting serious about it, I lost 55 lbs., all without being hungry ever.

    But I did have such frequent BMs that getting sore was an issue. This lasted for about 2 weeks and had I taken pro and prebiotics, would have lasted less time. Now I make it a habit to eat fermented foods like sauerkraut 2 or more times a week. No more problems except from beans. What I have noticed that when I eat cooked pintos and rice at the same meal, I do not have gas, before it was embarrassing to say the least. But I was determined.

    My friends all tell me how much better and younger I look and how much nicer my skin is. My husband had lost 45 lbs. (so he says) but whereas I went from a size 18 to a size 8 to 10 in ladies' jeans, he is still wearing most of his old pants. But I was like 65 lbs to 70 lbs. overweight and he was like a 100+ lbs. overweight. But it is when we eat out that he will not behave himself and he has really stalled his weight loss if he is losing at all. All I can say is that when you do the research for one's self instead of being nagged into it, you get better results. If I died tomorrow, our kids could expect their father to eat himself to death within 3 months. I believe in doing this for my health as at my same age, my mother and sister were dying of breast cancer and my father and grandmother where getting Alzheimer's disease.

    Gee, eating Vegan isn't bad and I am not forgetful to the extent that is anymore than other people I have known. My blood glucose A1C is 51, my BP is 104/66, my cholesterol is down within normal range, actually the low normal now.

    If you "own" your veganism, you will get the best results, you will be able to figure out how to order at restaurants and what you can eat and not feel tempted. You just have to know that you don't have to visit your former body parts in the hospital medical waste site. And you won't live out your days in diapers and not knowing even how to write your own name. Is this not worth eating Vegan? If you think not, are you not seriously addicted and acting contrary to your own best interest? I grew a backbone past age 65 so if I can do this, anyone can.

  4. Nothing against veganism or vegans but, lets be honest being a vegan is very trendy right now… i get it nothing is wrong with wanting to live a more healthier lifestyle but who's to say who's healthy or not…based off of whos standards..all i hear is vegan vegan vegan everywhere i turn. Ppl tend to fall into traps of what society say we should be….im 34 yo, eat what i want, work out constantly and just fast from such foods when necessary. And i feel great, Its about discipline ppl, do your research on real environmental vegans. You'd be surprise how their lifestyles is not just about what u eat. But about being an activist against the harming of animals, leather, wool, chinchilla, polyester, bedsheets, soap products, candy, hygiene products, etc etc. I could go on and on so u tell me when we dont eat meat or drink milk are we truly 100% vegans???

  5. Going vegan, unfortunately I just filled my freezer with meat I payed good money for. Luckily it's just a fridge freezer. Cutting meat consumption in half till gone. Then switch. But so far cutting meat in half and cutting out milk I feel amazing so far. Vegan whoot whoot. Take that keto carnivore bitches🖕😁🖕

  6. I've been vegan for a week now and I have been 💩💩💩 a lot lmao and I feel so much better and I lost 3 LBS this week. Best choice I ever made. For me AND for the animals.
    (Mostly for the animals)

  7. Stop being cynical about food. Wanna lose weight? Exercise! Vegetables can not provide all the nutrients your body needs. You ancestors from the most remote to the closest ones, all ate meat!

  8. Mic, this hurts my heart, metaphorically. My husband, after a liver transplant, had serious heart disease. After multiple operations, 13 stents, a quadruple bypass, and a gastric bypass, he literally dropped dead in front of me just over two years ago. We (I thought) kept a lacto-ovo home, but I have found packaging of processed meats since he died. It hurts so much knowing he brought meat into our home, against my religious vow, and against our relationship trust. He was 56. I am struggling to make it to vegan. You make it easier.

  9. If a vegan diet is so great why does Vegan Gains take supplements because his memory is going to shit? Why does BiteSizedVegan look like something out of a horror movie? Why is Freelee batshit crazy? Why are vegans saying that crushed apples and bananas are AMAZING? Why are they eating 12 meals a day and shitting all the time? Why is Yurofsky a neurotic terrorist?
    Because veganism is just about malnutrition based on sunken costs and self-delusion

  10. Vegan for 36 hours and I am already feeling so much fresh and my facial glow is increasing 😁😊

    I may find a girlfriend very soon 😍❤️

    Hit like to motivate me peeps 🙏

  11. i have been vegan for 17 mins and already my mic went limp, i mean rick no no dick phuckin brain fog or is it the chemical trails i ll have to incorporate more fiberglass into my riot

  12. mountains of data percentages lovely jubbly 1982 lns 32% lower hdl ldl 1431% increase in cardinal health better ejections increase in mountain based cocklsuckers

  13. I’ve been phasing out dairy from my diet to go from vegetarian to fully vegan. Eggs were surprisingly easy to quit and now if I want a savory breakfast, sweet potatoes are my go-to. I never realized how much of a dairy addict I was until I began to eat less of it and switch it for vegan cheese — Kite Hill is the best one out there, if you’re curious. Looking back, I would add cheese or greek yogurt to most of what I ate, which is ridiculous. But I can finally say my dairy addiction is coming to an end. I had cheese the other day on a veggie burger and felt disgusting. Have been lacto-vegetarian for four months now, eating fully vegan meals at home and enjoying cheese when eating out but I’m finally ready to take the final step and jump into veganism. For those trying to go vegan, I’d definitely recommend doing it slowly. In past attempts, I’d quit meat cold-turkey as a vegetarian and abandon the diet if I cheated even just once, out of shame. This time around, I allowed myself chicken or fish once a week until I no longer craved it and the same for eggs. Dairy will probably also be the toughest one for you to give up but, again, do it gradually to allow your body to adjust to your new diet.

  14. I invite you to complete a short questionnaire about dietary habits and their relation to a number of factors that may play a role in changing those habits.
    It should not take more than 15 minutes. The answers are anonymous and confidential and you will not be asked for identification at any time.

    Thank you in advance. Your contribution is very valuable to science.

    Could you help me to share?

    English questionnaire:

  15. Milk is also in everything. (Cheese, chocolate, butter, yoghurt, cakes, biscuits) etc. So we are mostly consuming a lot more than what we actually think

  16. #MicTheVegan your channel is exactly what I needed.
    I went vegetarian a month ago and already am feeling better. I used to wake up EVERY morning just sore, that doesn't happen anymore.
    For environmental reasons I am feeling the need to cut out dairy as well but just didn't know where to start.
    Your channel feels like the resource I have been looking for.
    I have been binge watching your videos for about an hour now.
    Can't get enough.

  17. You are so far gone into this Vegan Movement. You are killing yourself and killing other people! Begging you to rewatch and rewatch ex-vegan videos and look at yourself 3 maybe even 5 years ago and look at yourself now! Your face is emaciated and very unhealthy looking. sv3rige recently uploaded a before and after picture of you in his malnourished video.

    Please be honest with yourself. You are a very malnourished looking individual. If you want to be truly honest here, show us the papers! What does your blood work look like? Let me guess, borderline anemic? What are your dental records looking like? How many cavities have you gotten in the past 5 years? Is the Vegan diet really the most "natural" human diet if you have to take a B-12 vitamin your whole life? So going vegan is so good for you all you have to do is take supplements your whole life or your health will decline. You are brainwashing decent good human beings who don't need this brainwashing torture. It makes me sick to think of all of those poor mothers who love their children so much, but are so brainwashed possibly directly influenced by YOU who FORCE their children (toddlers ect) into veganism. Rotten teeth, malnourishment, irreversible developmental delays in brain development and possibly death (already has happened). You are brainwashed and need to be the decent human being that I know you are and apologize for your mistakes and start saving lives and not destroying them! When is enough…enough?

  18. Hmmm, your face grows pale, your eyes look sunken like a 30 year older version of yourself, you lose weight, your skin looks aged and inelastic and you become a self important neurotic.

  19. Hi everyone I have a question how can I start doing a vegan diet and also get my son involved while keeping my youngest on a meat diet for he is only 2 and we need him to have meats to gain weight for all he eats is chicken nuggets. But back to my question I want to start for health reason for both me and my oldest who is 12yrs. My reason is for I have hypothyroidism and I am 120lbs over weight I am 5'7 @ 245lbs and I am 34 while my son is 5'9 @ 201lbs at 12yrs. He has a high chance of becoming diabetic as well as me 2. We both have really high cholesterol. My son eats almost anything especially onions he will eat them like candy but he loves to eat eggs and red meats. Me on the other hand I dont like to eat alot of veg or fruit for I cant stand the taste of them. And I eat red meat maybe once or twice a month I get really tired of eating the same things over and over. But back to it all how can I start and get my son to eating it too. Thanks again everyone and sorry for the bad writing.

  20. Just look at how SICKENING you fucking Vegans are. All YELLOW from the lack of nutrition. Hope you all die soon, cock-sucking bastardic retards with your piece of shit CULT of death. ANIMALS WERE GIVEN TO US TO ***EAT***, YOU FUCKING MORONIC SHITS~!~!~!

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