How to to do Good Quality Works/Quality/Standard Works as per Vasthu/Svpso Int Org/Bharat/Hindusthan

How to do Quality works & what are the steps to be taken up for Qualitative, quantitative & attractive works !

A nice video of SVPSO Int non profit international organization Miryalguda, Golden TS ,Swach BHARAT/Hindusthan Godlen India.

*”For any Qualitative, quantitative & attractive work/Structure/product/project, either Bhakti(Nation love), or Fear(Govt fear) is needed for every human”!

* Vasthu for Structures:- F-U-L= Feasibility+Utility/Useful+Life standard (durability for Structures) is structue VASTHU !
Ex.If a LI scheme/Dam/Bridge/ is failed means Vasthu defect, no proper care taken for its life(improper plan/design/doings etc). Another example, If a building collapsed, or no free circulation of air, ventilation etc,causing I’ll health, means improper planning(no divine/yogis skills etc) ! Vasthu is of pure science based, Vasthu Science is related to Structure durability,comfortably & humans safety !

*Imp point:- Good salary+TA+HRA, etc all+minimum required facilities for Dept/Govt org, the Pvt org staff are also getting Salary+OT+TA+facilities, Labour/Businessmen- getting 15-25 % profit Officially, & Contractor are also getting 14,% official profit added in data by dept/govt as per rules, profit/margin in works(14% Official profit+ 5 to 10% additional profit there,if the Contractor has own machinery, staff etc).

* So no need to do any fraud/corrupt activity(bribing activity)! Fraud is Sinful act/dangerous/ harmful to future, life ,family, & also very loss/damage to the Nation & name ! Ers/Deptt staff must stay in HQs staying in Rented houses/dept quarters, homely food best, always eating out side food not good, not to depend on contractors for field duty) insoections etc, have/keep your own bike/car etc(if you claim TA etc), dept vehicles in HQ & stay in HQ ,make justice to your duty(gods law)!
Mote:- Some times in field duties, where no hotels etc, Water, tea etc, & working lunch etc small things can be accepted which are provided by the Agency/farmers/contractors etc.Beyond,this any thing,simply reject, that is honesty/true man’s Quality !

*So Always achieve Qualitative, quantitative, & attractive works/Structures/products/projects etc for healthy, happy society & Nation and global peace !

* For buildings/houses:- Vasthu for building means, durability of house to save the human lives + humans leaving in the house should get healthy life ! Healthy life is happy life ! And happy life+good deeds will give peaceful,golden & wonderful life !

* Nice Quotations & instructions/guide lines of Sri Sri.Dr.Prof.Er.VE.Yogi.Sri Evr Naik, for tech staff/Ers,& peoples awareness !

*Sri Dr.Evr Naik,Dr.E.Jyothi, & Members of Svpso Int non profit international organization (Electro homeopathy/medical-Vasthu-Yoga Meditation,Camps,Advise
& Solution for all human Problems center)has solved thousnds of Vasthu/tech/Engg Problems, thousnds of diszs/ health/Problems including serious, chronic, critical cases& Solved easily, many animals diszs cured, & yoga Meditation training given to Lakhs of people ! The people are leading healthy, happy, peaceful, golden,& wonderful life !

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VV Naik/Svpso
#Org Fb & twit: Svpso , Evr Naik
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