How To Stop Shaking When You’re Nervous

Nerves are a hard thing to calm. You start sweating, your stomach cramps and you start to shake. What triggers these reactions in your body?

What Does Stress Do To Your Body ►►►►

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25 thoughts on “How To Stop Shaking When You’re Nervous

  1. Thats not very practical, you can barely concentrate on breathing and signing things in front of people at same time, all your responses will be delayed and you will look like you're mental.

  2. My hands aren't to the degree were I shake my hands violently, but it is enough to irritate me. For example, I like to play games a lot like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Battle Field you know, and the one thing I hated most was the fact that when ever I encounter an enemy my heart rate goes up and I slow down my breath and then my hands start shaking and I can't aim at anything in the game. This video really helped me with that, so thank you.

  3. Wait I shake before a presentation or while one. Won’t this mean I have social anxiety I’m still not sure if I have it. I’m not afraid to talk to people I can talk to people even strangers. But I get shaky and nervous when it’s time to do Socratic seminars or presentations. What does this mean ? Do I have social anxiety or not ?

  4. Bruh, its really terrible. I started shaking after someone stole my picture and used it to pretend its them. I know i shouldn't be nervous cuz i did nothing wrong but my body won't listen well. It stopped a little when i focused my mind to others and think his the one who did the crime

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