"How to Spark Your Creativity" Julie's Numerology Forecast Ep218

All work and no play makes Jane boring! Read more about how adding FUN can open up a portal of creative expression and raise your vibration.

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In this episode, I want you to put your hand on your heart and feel into the numbers 3 or 53.

3 – 1:37 sec
53 – 5:03 sec

Which number holds a message for you this week? Post it in the comments below then listen to the message and see if it resonates. This could also be about something that is coming up during the week.

This week’s messages focus on creativity and transition.

#3 is all about working too hard and not having enough fun. This is always one of my problems because I love my work but it also makes for quick burn out.

And if #53 whispered your name you need to ask yourself what am I resisting? Change is coming and to make this transition smooth be sure to embrace switching things up and be flexible.

Be sure to catch the affirmations for each number at the end they are quite powerful!

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Card deck used: Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan

(Please note I’ve added numbers to make a full deck 1-88 as the original deck is 44 cards that are spread out from 1-99)

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