How To Shave Your Testicles | Testicle Shaving Tutorial

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So, you want to learn how to shave your testicles? Aaron Marino of alpha m. is already uncomfortable, and you’re about to get uncomfortable with him! He gives a disclaimer for those who shouldn’t be watching this video: chicks, minors, and Alpha’s mother!

So, Alpha just got done shaving his testicles. Why? Because he shaves them, because he needed to develop the steps to the process, and because viewers asked! He can’t say that this is THE way to shave your testicles, but this process is what Alpha has done for the last 25 years.

First, the testicle skin (scrotum) is unlike any other skin on your body. It’s smart! It regulates temperature to regulate the life of sperm. That skin is very forgiving- stretchy. But it’s not super sensitive but you still need to be careful. Next, if this is your first time, don’t worry about getting perfectly smooth like your face. Don’t worry about getting every single hair. The idea, for your first time, is to get used to it. Over time, it’ll be no big deal. After all these years, Alpha would be an Olympian testicle shaver!

Testicle Shaving Steps

1. Take down some of the length (bulk) of the hair with a facial hair grooming tool. Start with the attachment on.
2. Get in warm shower and let the steam start working. Use soap which provides a nice glide without being clumpy and you can see what you’re doing. Don’t use shaving cream because it’s all over the place.
3. Use a sharp razor. Alpha uses a Venus 3. If it’s good enough for a vagina, it’s good enough for Alpha’s testicles. It’s the best for manscaping. Shave the base of the penis – hold it and go down & all around.
4. Afterward, pull testicles up toward your body. Hold scrotum tight to body and use short strokes down and to the side. Be careful near the ‘seam’ of the testicles. Alpha hasn’t had ingrown hairs or razor rash.
5. Wash off and you’re good to go! No aftershave or powder.

Alpha issues another disclaimer that he is not recommending, encouraging, or directing that anyone shave their testicles. Don’t do it, right? Big furry testicles will be in style again. Rock that! Rock it, seriously! You’ll look like a troll doll in a headlock, but Alpha’s not telling you to shave your testicles. You can get hurt. It’s dangerous, very dangerous. If you decide to do it, you’re shaving at your own risk! He’s merely showing and sharing how he personally shaves his testicles.


49 thoughts on “How To Shave Your Testicles | Testicle Shaving Tutorial

  1. How often does everyone here shave their nether regions? I was hospitalized a half a year ago and I hadn’t shaved down there for like a year and it was embarrassing when the nurse saw my Forest. Lol

  2. At first i wasn't laughing at "shave your testicles" but then you pointed it out and noticed how you say it and i couldn't help but start laughing at 4:38 Lmao. It sounded like you were filming a commercial

  3. I just got done shaving for my first time. I intended to keep some hair for a smooth ass cushion but I got too in to it and now I'm bald. I did not want to be bald. I am sad now.

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