How to Raise One’s Consciousness? | Sadhguru

► How to Raise One’s Consciousness? In this eye-opening speech, Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev) explains: Consciousness is the source of who we are. Our thoughts, intentions, and actions are a consequence of that. Time and space are just projections of your consciousness. Consciousness means you are well-lit within yourself, so you see everything just the way it is.

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🎧 This audio uses ALPHA WAVES, suitable for Creativity and Inward focus; To the discovery of purpose in life. Creative thought facilitates contact with a spirit guide, eases entry into meditation, lucid dreaming also good for healing purposes, or self visualization in a healing situation.

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► Please use headphones and Listen Carefully. For maximum effect, we suggest applying for at least 21 days.

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► About Sadhguru:
Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic, poet, and visionary humanitarian, is a spiritual master with a difference. His life and work are a possibility for each individual to experience the peace and joy that pervades the core of every human being. It is Sadhguru’s vision that everyone receives ‘one-drop of spirituality,’ allowing them to transform their lives and take their destiny into their hands.

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How to Raise One’s Consciousness? | Sadhguru

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19 thoughts on “How to Raise One’s Consciousness? | Sadhguru

  1. Thank you for this place to share!
    Its 2:08 in the morning here where I am.

    Tonight Sitting next to my wife…
    First I should have stated that.

    I was blessed to create an Inner Engineering Program in Phila earlier this year.

    Pryor to that I stated in a comment offering from a Sudhguru video here on YouTube.

    So what ai shared was that one day I would meet Sudguru and what I wanted was for him to see me!

    Thats it! Just see me!

    I meant the me less everything else.

    I had been recovering fully from something they labeled cancer .

    So you might get that in that state of being .

    Theres no room for pretense of any kind.

    And the craving for THE REAL.
    Is as powerful as getting the wind knocked put if you. A Blessing!

    And what ai had pointed out to my wife really hit me solid..

    I said to her Ha ha…
    Wouldn’t be funny of we could see the thought bubbles over head of every individual here in this room..
    We were all Waiting for the ceremony to begin…

    Then it occurred to me that if I had any automatic chatter going on in my head .
    It was so quite like a whisper that you cannot hear.

    Instead as I interfaced with each individual there in the room .

    I was keenly aware of there pleas.

    There personal pain of relating and enjoyment in abandon was a struggle….

    So for me I simply acknowledged there magnificence.

    I mean I saw it trying to break free from there own self judgements and evaluations and comparisons and on and on.

    I felt like this is a hell of torcher to be in and live with…..

    And Im fairly certain its painful and it’s not required yet we all thats right we all me too I Shift in and out at times as well .

    Like really….
    now I get a glimpse of what motivates Sudguru But I don’t know Cause ai havent asked him…

    I mean once the vail is lifted its lifted!

    Theres no going back .

    Only a deep craving for true awareness and true participation.

    Like an onion there is layer after layer of old perceptions . Well not perceptions but preconceived notions about things all things.

    So whats to give in my life?

    That’s the real game to play.

    Who have I made myself up to be?

    Is that person flexible completely or subject to knee jerk reactions and thoughts.

    I cant give anyone anything of value as far as Im concerned if Im not ok the way I am and the way Im not right now…

    See that ok right now is free to have.
    For me its not dependent on history or thoughts.
    Its a choice that works like a choice.

    You choose and you be.
    I don’t have to wait until anything of permission.
    I give it to myself so I cam give it to someone else.

    I mean if I figure I’m less than as magnificent as I really am.

    It’s a lie that I allowed rob me of my giving to the ones I love.

    I mean whats going on here while Im here in this century.
    Human suffering out of lies and beliefs that everyone seems to enjoy.
    Ha ha .

    If I wait for permission from myself or think Im not worthy or less than.
    Thats a alap in my creators face.

    Ha living out of a lie like that and suffering so is not a healthy thing at all.

    So the tools I have received out of the inner engineering so out way any previous fears I may have had.
    And If Im honest it’s all fear.

    But fear rooted in love.

    Love to be loved excepted embraced enjoyed….. but far far better than that say depicted in a movie show of warmth and great caricature traits….

    And boy oh boy.
    If I allow myself to observe and get out of my head.

    Folks blow me away with there caricature traits .

    Underneath there pretense me too please know that!

    Just because I see this doesn’t mean I reached some place where Im the great master of myself ha ha ha not by a long shot .

    So what am I saying this for me

    Well I’d rather be here now !

    Like if I really break it down that statement.
    Be Here Now.

    And look at my living through that to observe my FEARS .

    I can drop them .
    If only little by little ..
    I can drop them.

    Ever try to be with a new born child or youngster.
    What I mean is be with.
    Watch how they can look right at you and stare even.
    But not with judgements or evaluations going on in the background.

    Its hard at first.
    Then look to see whats going on in your head while you do it.

    Well I don’t mean you have to try .

    Im just saying…..
    At one point in time I used to be like that too!!

    I want me back now !
    I want all of me back.
    And its not work but not simple.

    Then I think it really should be simple.
    Only I make it complicated when I do.

    But during those moments Im not really alive and I know it in such a way that it kinda sickens me to think Of what make believe barriers are doing running my show.

    So I have to grant myself special dispensation!
    To just be magnificent and not let my False need for recognition or ego or any garbage super-seed my wish for how I want to be…

    I hope this all does not read like gibberish.

    So Ill stop
    But Im grateful for this place to share.
    Oh one more realization…
    All the woman in the room.
    I saw them very different than I may have say a year ago.

    Instead of my uncontrolled thoughts ruled by gonads .

    I saw bodies .
    Skin bags with folks inside.
    Some had more stored extra calories others sash-shade around with a personal swagger that they liked to show .. kinda like a peacock!!!!

    Some scared to death.. out of love.. out of wanting to be appreciated and things of that level .

    Women who will have blisters and sores on there feet from there costumes that bolstered there pretense of how they want to be seen.
    All out of LOVE.
    I also noticed some discord amongst folks engaged in public suffering.
    Out of love.

    Its like I could substitute what they were saying with something like….
    Then I could see some rushing to corral agreement from others .

    I thought gees are we all like intelligent animals but animals none the least….
    Im using the word animals meaning animals when backed into a corner will lunge at you .

    And I lunge too at times ….
    Geese its enough already its enough.
    Like everyone out there fully be levies that this false mental suffering is normal.
    And you can
    Read a book on how to manipulate a situation to get around it… ha ha ha ha ha ha .

    Theres no going around aliveness.

    You either go for it and let it all out or you hold it together according to you misguided inner voice and heckler.

    Ha ..
    Go figure Inner Engineering….
    What a serious serious gift….
    A serious deep blessing and more much more.

    For me its like you go and graduate
    kindergarten then you roll right into the next grade and the next like gravity.
    Like a powerful pull that dominates your being-ness.

    Some time I would not like to not think of others from a place of special giving of myself.
    I’ve already done that and for years.

    In short the person in front of me is the most important goings on thst can be.

    So at least I can observe how Im thrown to be if Im not in abandon of being and expressing.

    Folks all thought that I was amazing cause I danced all night while the twenty year olds all tired along with everyone else in the room .
    Well Im advanced in years by decades.

    But Im not holding it all together Playing peacock.. and not run by fears of anything.

    So I danced like a rubber band.
    Im not tired now.
    And its so called late by reasonable-ness and agreement.

    Instead Im motivated to share something of real….
    Not real value but real.
    The value is always there but as a bi product of unbounded self expression and joyfully enjoying others .

    Ever try staring at yourself nude in front of a mirror? Then watching your thoughts a d body reactions.
    Fir me their there if I put them there a d go e if I let me be the way ai am and the way Im not .

    Ha ha ha what a bad joke I used to play on myself thinking it was responsible or other garbage .

    In fact most thoughts like to find fault some where down the line.

    Thank you thank you .

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