How to Perform Visualization, How to Visualize Effectively: Exercises & Techniques

Visualization really is a core skill required to access your full spiritual potential. It’s very easy to do and will infinitely enhance your spiritual progression. Manifesting, spirit contact, psychic ability, astral projection, building self esteem,healing, telekinesis, psychometry, balancing energies and more, all require visualization in different ways. Each of these skills has or will have articles of their own on and they’ll explain how visualization fits in. For now, lets get to grips with visualization itself.

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16 thoughts on “How to Perform Visualization, How to Visualize Effectively: Exercises & Techniques

  1. Something that helps me is to visualize a scene with my music. If I have a sad song playing as I'm on a walk, I just visualize a sad scenery or a play acting out, same with a cheerful song.

  2. I liked this a lot ! 2 suggestions though,#1 is since you are covering a lot of good information, I think most watchers would retain it better at a slightly slower pace, #2 is to suggest that you locate the cards or teleprompter above or below the camera lens as I would prefer feeling that you were looking towards me, not to your left, as you were presenting very good information. "Everyone's a critic", yes I understand, but I think your presentation would be perfect with these slight changes.Thanks very much! Geoff

  3. i am a total newbie at visualization although i have been doing it all my life …now trying to focus it more but i cant hold a picture in my mind for longer then a second because my actual eyes try to see the image …idk why that is …it is very strange lol …..but im hoping your techniques working they sound rather simple compared to what ive been reading lol so thank you for sharing your wonderful words of wisdom

  4. Hi Nicky, I have been practicing visualization for some time now. However when I try to see myself in a beautiful place, my mind tends to bring in negative scenario or very scary images. For example I would see myself in a very lovely garden sitting next to a stream and as am starting to get into the flow of things I will see a zombie like creature coming at me or staring at me from a far. Then I become afraid and end the visualization. I have tried my best to stay in the lovely scene but some how my mind turns it into a horrific nightmare. I don't know how to end this. Any suggestions. Please

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