How to Pass Your Exams With a Meditation Technique

Today’s students are under an increasing level of stress to study more information and pass more and more exams and tests, just to keep up with the curve. But, no one tells them how. The stress related to student’s studying habits and fears about taking tests are two of the major reasons that many people fail or don’t do as well as they could.

Here is a technique that is easy to learn and is effective for studying and exam taking.

The technique that you will be learning simply helps you function at your highest levels. Most people are truly surprised when they discover just how easy it is to study and take exams more effectively when they learn and practice this hypno-meditation technique.

How it works:

Ever wonder why two people who are faced with the same situation react so differently? One may fall apart under the “stress” of it, while the other is spurred on to greater achievement and is invigorated by the challenge?

The difference lies in their internal connections. Useful connections turn potential life-challenging stressors into positive factors in our lives. Instead of feeling pressured, we can have the pressures instead trigger a sense of excitement. Instead of being anxious or afraid, we can feel peace and serenity. There are many applications of these techniques.

The process for creating more empowering thought connections is known as Emotional Recircuting® (coined by Devin Scannura). Although Devin uses emotional recircuiting techniques to help people to get over a break up, the benefits of it have also been used by my friend and partner Alan Barsky in our Quantum Focusing® guided self-help e-books to help people get unstuck, reduce and eliminate IBS symptoms.

Let’s Begin:

Think of being in the Success Zone as an oasis in the midst of demands on your attention and time. Being in the Success Zone makes it natural to feel in control when you are working and playing. The great news is that when you enjoying what you are doing you will automatically be more effective when you are doing it. This is especially true when studying and taking exams because learning and remembering what you learned on demand is state dependent. From there, learning to trust your memory is easy. Start by using this powerful conditioning exercise.

Move into the Success Zone and review your notes, then quickly rewrite them without consulting them. Now compare both sets of notes. Doing so is a great way to discipline your mind and learn to trust your memory.

Here’s how to move into the Success Zone:

Exercise One-Finding the Zone

Time: 2 to 3 minutes… 2x to 7x a day (or more)

To get the most out of this exercise, use it the first thing when you wake up and the last thing before going to sleep. Throughout your day and night, or when you are changing activities-repeat the exercise to give yourself the QUANTUM FOCUSING edge of bringing yourself into the moment. When you do, you will automatically feel better and become more effective in whatever you are doing.

1. Become comfortable with your surroundings by not focusing on anything in particular, as you allow your attention to glide into doing this exercise.

2. Without thinking about it, close your eyes…now gently bring your attention to being inside of your body.

3. Fill your mind with a sense of creating space from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. Become aware of every atom in your body dancing in total harmony. As you say to yourself- “I live with a happy heart, a peaceful mind and a playful spirit.” Stay with it for about 2 minutes…

4. Just before ending the session, inhale deeply, and in the privacy of your own mind quietly shout, “I deserve health, happiness and love.”

5. As you breath, take a moment to feel complete and good about yourself and what you just did.

6. Bring yourself into the moment, focusing your attention on your studies or relax into the idea of passing your exams.

You will wonder how quickly you will notice that your life is more exciting, pleasurable, satisfying, and rewarding when you do this simple exercise several times a day-every day. A very good habit to take to work and play. This is especially effective for studying and taking exams because memory is state dependent and the Success Zone is the ideal state of being for study and taking exams.

You will soon discover how this is the best way to study and take exams more effectively, but only IF you do it. Now. Don’t just read about it, experience it.

Source by Michael B. Ellner

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