How to Open Your Third Eye AND Activate Your Pineal Gland

How to activate or open your third eye and it’s physical manifestation the pineal gland. Also know as indigo or Ajna chakra. We have forgotten who we are and what we can do. It is said that the Atlantean civilization had harnessed the great power of the third eye or indigo (Ajna) chakra, but had begun to use it for negative purposes before the continent was destroyed. In our materialistic, profit driven and controlled society, we’re never encouraged to open our third eye, for if we do, society would change unrecognisably for ever.

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24 thoughts on “How to Open Your Third Eye AND Activate Your Pineal Gland

  1. I just found your channel, thanks so much for this. Love your videos. I'm working on opening my third eye and I notice I'm making some progress! I now see flashes of light when I'm in the dark out of the side of my right eye.

  2. Hi amazing Nicky…love your videos…however I disagree with your statement about you / us etc being God. If you are, please prove it…show us a video of you controlling the sun, executing the solar system orbits, creating a flower, a baby, etc…I understand that we are FROM and exist within the infinite oneness and attributes of God, The Ultimate Creator, Lord of the Universe, The All-Knowing, All-Wise from where we obtain our life from, learning, etc..:)

  3. I was informed that if you take organic Turmeric powder and turn it into a paste, then spread it on your forehead and third eye area before going to bed (1x only, I believe), you will cleanse your pineal gland. Have u heard of this?

  4. drop dew in your eye in the morning before sun rising..that make your third eye open..any person any effect..not permanen open third eye..learn inner power then your can awakening you true power like adama..but first clean your DNA from klaad..garbage DNA..learn empty stomach..

  5. it was the natives from mars who destroyed Atlantis…. i guess you could say they were atlanteans but they were not natives…. at least what ive learned

  6. Hooray for UK gal helping others, few though they may be, with this! To the very few real students: Please see also Vera Stanley Alder's 1939 book, downloadable free as PDF by doing search for [ Finding of the Third Eye ] [title] Nothing beats expert help from teachers who really know rather than merely mentioning the topic. Lots of people will be using such talents in this new century. And many more talents and skills as well. Women excel men a bit, more right brained and spiritual and intuitive, but all doing this are somewhat advanced souls, men too. To All: Your innate powers are more increased nowadays.

  7. can you please make a video on calming the mind as it takes me literally three hours for my mind chatter to shut off and i was wondering if there was anyway of this to be shut off any quicker.

  8. did it only once after waking up from a half sleep state by mistake, it scared me because I did not know what it was I head a shooting high pitch sound and saw a almost see through tunnal with white glowing robotic moving parts that streath out and made the tunnal longer. apart of me felt like I was no longer part of my boady as if I was fading out about to go some were but thanks to stupid fear it never happened again I regret fighting it now I will never know.

  9. Besides meditation Psychedelics and DMT will activate and open it almost instantly especially DMT but you must be spiritually ready and in a good state of mind beforehand. Trust in the universe <3

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