How To Meet Your Unmet Needs – Teal Swan –

Do you have unmet needs? This Ask Teal Episode is about How to Meet your needs and get what you want. What’s the difference between needs and wants? The difference between needs and wants is sometimes merely a difference between subconscious and conscious.

Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality.

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38 thoughts on “How To Meet Your Unmet Needs – Teal Swan –

  1. I have a great capacity to love others, but my shame disallows me to close off to people’s needs therefore I deprive myself and become very picky about who I will give and receive needs. It’s all based on fear with me 😞 & pain

  2. So are there healthy and unhealthy needs? For example i was told by a spiritual person that shouldnt seek outside of ourselves for praise but rather within. If we are praised we should feel indifferent same if someone shames us we shouldnt feel so hurt and caught up on it if we have peace within ourselves. Is this correct?

  3. What if you have a need that you need to be met by a specific person that cannot. I want to have a relationship and a deep connection with my sister but she has borderline personality disorder and she has betrayed me and hurt me a lot and can be toxic to say the least. I have made attempt after attempt to no avail.

  4. To me it's like this: I ask my boyfriend for the affection that I really need, he tells me 'no,' and then I feel even more hurt, rejected, and even more desperate for love and my crappy financial situation (I feel out 5 job apps a day or more) will not let me find someone else. So, I just pretend to be as indifferent to him as he is to me, but even that leads to resentment.

  5. I'm absolutely terrified of going out and meeting new people. It's a chronic fear. I've done the core belief process and the completion process on it but it hasn't helped. I don't feel whole. I want to meet my needs so badly but there's a part of me that's terrified of going out to get that.

  6. I grew up with the belief that love is dangerous because people whom I loved either died or went away and I never saw them again. The feeling of loss is not worth it. How does someone deal with that? She says we have to "give up the story that I always lose what I love." But it's not a story. It's a real possibility. My father was alive and well one day and dead the next.

  7. I think I finally got it! 😀 So, if my body feels like the meet is being met (because what it perceives is basically the same as what is happening), the need is ALREADY being met on a deep level, and so the lack and resistance is gone and I can attract it even in my physical reality – but even if I didn't, I would already feel like the need is being met anyway. That's so simple and so brilliant. I need to try that asap 😀

  8. the problem with the needs are always the other people. I know it sounds like blaming and not taking responsibility, but I did not experience others to be very helpful or even willing to help even with the tiniest shit requests you have. ask someone something and even a simple answer is too much effort more often than not. I would have to be stupid to trust others to meet any of my needs. Everybody just does what is in their own interest. And karma does not help either. You can help people all day long just for the sake of them being well off, but whenever you have something, everybody ignores you. you either become a manipulator and make deals all day long by figuring out what you could give others so they give you what you want, or you live with an inner "fuck off" towards most people and turn your butt towards them whenever possible. It's a bit easier if you have something they want. Funnily, often this gets turned around. I have something they want, and everybody else can sell it just fine, but I have in the end to beg someone to please take it. That's the reason why it often sucks to have something of worth – it's not like most people want to pay the full and fair price ever. Suddenly you have to deal with all those scammers and exploiters. There's never profit. It's like I have to always overpay to get at least decent results.

  9. From my experience, you can deal with unmet needs that you can't fulfill by getting rid of the pain attached to them being unmet. If you held on that pain, it will increase and you will be always stuck in this viscous cycle. But if you got rid of that pain, it will lose its power on you. Acknowledge and Express your pain. Don't try to accept it, pain shouldn't be accepted.

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